This was gifted to me some time ago by a lovely slave; however, a friend just asked to include it as part of the artwork in his book, and so I had to take it out of its frame and scan it. I thought I might as well post it here since it’s pretty, and I like it.

Darcy Ink Drawing

A huge thank you to the toilet who commissioned this portrait of me by the infamous Femdom artist, Sardax. I LOVE IT. It will have pride of place in my studio, and I will think of you every time I cast my eyes on it! Looking forward to building my Sardax collection in the future. He has such a talent and genius for the Femdom mindset.



msakellams_caramel_trapezems_eleisehunteressms_rougems_arella2 ms_heelena msrotkopf

I think it’s time I had some original artwork in my studio. I’d like to have a Sardax portrait commissioned for me, so I’m putting the call out to any slaves who want to be featured in their own original illustration with me. Sardax, based in the UK, is world-famous for his Femdom imagery, and his portrait gallery reflects many of my Domina friends. You would be a slave featured in the drawing, and I would be doing something fabulously FemDomm-ey, of course. We can discuss the exact activities displayed in the image: foot worshipper kneeling at my heels; corporal delinquent enduring my cane; shy little sissie on the other end of my cock, etc. You would at the very least get a print of the drawing to keep for your own use (I am imagining it proudly displayed on the mantle of your home). His commissions start at $280 for small black and white drawings and go up from there into larger drawings and gorgeous watercolors.

Any anonymous patrons can contact Sardax directly about a commission as well at My birthday is coming up in a few months so this posting is very timely!


Thank you slave Al for this gorgeous tribute to my gorgeous face! You’re a wonderful example of what all submissive men should strive to be.