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I’m excited to announce double sessions in New York with an extraordinarily hot young sub named Lily. She is FRESH into the world of professional sessions, and so does not have a website yet. There is no one more innocent than this sweet little thing – just don’t ask me how old she is! You can see hot photos of her here on this blog post; it’s a taste of a shoot we did the other weekend at my studio.

Lily does not offer sexual services, but is happy to bottom for rope, spanking, paddling, caning, and all forms of erotic humiliation. She’s a huge D/s fan and I play with her regularly. If you can’t bring yourself to dominate such a gorgeous young creature you may allow me to put both of you through your paces side by side, seeing who can withstand my cruel whimsy longer.Spanking Femsub.wm

Oh and, she cums like a freight train…

Please fill out my online booking form if you’ve not booked with me before. If you have, simply email me and mention you’re interested in a sub girl session with me and Lily. Looking forward to the adventures.