CEO Dominatrix

As the CEO of my own startup, I manage my small team of dedicated employees with incredible care and consideration. Most of my hires are freelance contractors, however, I’m thrilled to announce my latest full-time member of staff.

Please welcome my new Executive Assistant, Kyle Davenport, to #TeamDarcy. He will be helping me streamline a lot of my administration and business development over the coming months. Davenport beat out a long line of other applicants, and so far he’s already been invaluable. Things are heating up around here, and I need all the help I can get!

As you know, my Personal Assistant, Anna, has been a presence for sometime. She will continue to work for me, and should they contact you, I expect you to interact with both Davenport and Anna with a baseline of respect and etiquette. They are part of my team and, thus, an extension of me.

If you wish to be a part of my new #TeamDarcy initiative, please drop Davenport an email at He will set you up with an application for service straightaway which I will review in the next few weeks, when I have a chance.