Mistress Darcy Chicago

For my August Chicago trip the 9th – 12th I’ll be offering a very exciting special to the next 10 slaves who book with me. Fill out my online booking form to make your inquiry. You don’t want to miss this trip!

I’ve taken most of July off of sessions for vanilla work stuff, and I guarantee I will be feeling super wicked and dishing out a few of my favorite things.

Humiliation, mind control and mind fucking, behavior modification, slave training, full toilet, golden showers, sissy training, feminization, high protocol D/s, spanking and OTK, flogging, caning, whipping (I have two new bullwhips!), roleplay, petplay, intricate scenes of emotional sadism and seduction, etc. You know, light stuff.

I’m filling up pretty fast so get on in there! Staying in a big hotel room in Millennium Park.

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Masochists, look alive: I will be offering a three-month special with Mistress Wynter for anyone brave enough to accept. She and I have been friends for years and work very well as a team. If you’re not familiar with her–you better ass’ somebody! She is probably the top CP Domme in New York, possibly in the “Top 10” of caning Dommes worldwide, and has a sterling reputation as a responsible and delightful member of the New York fetish community. Don’t believe me? Check out her twitter!

  • Who: You. Me. Wynter.
  • What: Being disciplined for one solid hour or until you safeword (at which point the session ends).
  • Where: Wonderland or Wall Street, your choice.
  • When: Whenever she and I can see you.
  • Why: Because you want to reach new levels of pain and ecstasy with two of New York’s top Dommes.

Implements include: canes, crops, floggers, whips, paddles, tawses, straps, quirts, belts, bullwhips, and of course bare hands for warm-up. Email to discuss scheduling and details. Anyone coming to Wall Street will need to provide a reference from another independent.

Looking forward to beating you! Er, meeting you! Er, both!


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Exciting news for all Female Supremacists out there: Ms. Lydia Supremacy and I will be joining forces for double domination sessions in New York and Philadelphia over the next few months. Starting in June, I will be available to tag team with Lydia in Philadelphia either at my hotel room in Center City or at a dungeon conveniently located to most parts of the city. Ms. Lydia, a friend of mine, is gorgeous and specializes in corporal punishment, strapon, forced femme, role plays, and humiliation (both public and private). When in New York, I will host the both of us at my private studio on Wall Street. My studio is a clinical environment, and can cater to most basic sessions involving D/s, corporal, roleplay, humiliation, medical and toilet training. As all of my followers know, I specialize in D/s, humiliation, roleplay and psychological takeover. She and I are very similar in temperament. Both of us are very intelligent, fun-loving, compassionate, sexually-confident and knowledgable about D/s, but cross us and we are merciless tyrants. Lydia and I are also both heavy lifestyle players, with a bevy of delicious scene girls and boys at our disposal when we travel around the world.

Above are two pictures of Ms. Lydia and also a couple of rare selfies from yours truly. Email either me or her for booking details to inquire about a double.

My Philadelphia Dates:

  • May 14-16
  • June 5-7

Lydia’s New York Dates:

  • June 12-13
  • July TBA
  • August TBA
Goddess.Aviva Foot.Worship Bondage.Femdom

I am thrilled to welcome my longtime friend and co-conspirator to the Pro scene: Goddess Aviva. She is a 22 year old tiger who is well-familiar with domination and submission but has only recently decided to take it Pro. In her own words to me on the phone the other day, “it’s about expressing myself when and how I need to, and my lifestyle pets just can’t keep up with me anymore.”

Aviva and I will be sessioning out of my studio in the financial district. Obviously she is f**king hot, but if you think you can get away with anything simply because she’s young, you’re in for a scare. She is a tyrannous ice queen one second and a teasing kitten the next. It’s really inspiring to watch her in public flicking off the men who swarm around her wherever we go. I learned some of my best arrogance from her.

Her top interests include: bondage, foot fetish, stocking and shoe fetish, cross dressing, role-play, spanking, light CP, humiliation, dog/slave/furniture training, GS, trampling, and non-sensual worship. As you know some of MY top interests are heavy D/s, psych-dom, roleplay, toilet training, humiliation, public, CP/caning, age play, medical/electric, bondage, and chastity. Between the two of us there’s at least 6 different ways on that list that we can change your life.

Email me to inquire about doubles – darcy@mistressdarcy.com


I am offering a special type of session while I’m in London this next trip. I will bring with me an assortment of gorgeous vintage lingerie outfits, and will be delivering a vintage caning experience as well. There are two levels of session: a 30-minute minimal warm-up punishment scene, and a one hour warm-up with roleplay. Teacher, babysitter, older sister, mother, and school bully are all on the menu. If you were ever strapped, caned or spanked by a hot female teacher, you know the indescribable blend of humiliation, pain, shame, and delight that accompanies it. You think you were the only one feeling it? I would say a good many teachers went out of their way to pull your pants down. And yes I know that’s an incendiary statement. Regardless, I need no reason to punish you. And I’m sure you will furnish plenty of confessions in the moment to fuel my stroke. After all, I’ve been trained in traditional English cane administration. Your lessons will be sorely learned this time.


I get asked at least once a week what my absolute favorite kink activities are. Mostly it is asked by new people who are not that familiar with my writing and general persona (read: lazy). So I thought I would just write a quick list of some of my favorite things both in and out of session for everyone who wants the synopsis. Also because I’m at my computer and horny…but too exhausted to really move right now, so I’ll have to get my rocks off at the keyboard until I can motivate over to my vibrator drawer.

In roughly ascending order (man, it was hard to choose)…

20. Face Slapping

19. Humiliation (General)

18. Caning

17. Leather Boots

16. Dominant Life Coaching

15. Breath Control and Choking

14. Toilet Training

13. Punching

12. Creative Roleplays

11. Mind Games/Mind Fucking

10. Verbal Takedowns

9. Tickling

8. Sub Girls

7. Cuckolding

6. Foot Massages

5. English Boys

4. Edge Play (not to be confused with Edging!)

3. Age Play

2. 8+ Dicks

1. D/s dynamics in a non-session context (i.e. “real”)