Hey bitches, I’m back in LA Dec 3-6! I love California so much, I just can’t stand to stay away. I’ll be renting a darling little apartment in the Hollywood Hills and conducting the majority of my sessions there. I’ll also be able to travel to any of the main dungeons in LA if you want to experience that setting, but I’ll need advanced notice.

My specialties on this trip will be cuckolding, lingerie, leather worship, chastity, toilet training, humiliation, hardcore D/s and mind control, forced fem, beatings, and foot worship.

Fill out my online booking form to get on my calendar. I’m already taking requests!

This is a review of a recent cuck scene that a slave wrote up of his own volition. I am reposting here with his permission. Fond memories reading back…


When you watch cuckold porn, it’s so sexy and erotic: beautiful women, well-hung Bulls and, naturally, some pathetic cuckold in the corner. It’s fun and enjoyable. But it simply cannot get anywhere near conveying the real emotional effect that this powerful dynamic can create.

Recently i had the opportunity to serve the beautiful Mistress Darcy and the chance to be Her cuckold. i have known Mistress Darcy for a few years, and i can honestly say she’s more beautiful than any pictures portray, far smarter than most, and definitely witty and sharper than me. In short, exactly the sort of lady you’d swipe right on, and beg for a second date; well that’s definitely how i feel and why being her cuckold was a genuine emotional ride for me.

For various reasons i hadn’t enjoyed an orgasm for the prior 25 days, and in the few days between setting up and having the session, i was in chastity. i had dropped the keys off discretely at the front desk of her hotel prior to her arrival. Being in chastity and knowing what was in store drove me a bit crazy, but it was totally worth it when i got to see the keys dangling elegantly from her beautiful Yurman necklace.

There’s no need to detail the events that transpired, however the effect that night had on me was profound.

  • My heart racing as Her Bull entered the room (He was a really nice, but definitely Alpha, man)
  • The humiliation of haveing to take off another mans shoes and jeans
  • Presenting myself in panties and chastity to a Bull – there is no hiding the shame, you just have to accept it
  • Witnessing a Real Man provide pleasure in a way you know you can’t – there’s no more pathetic feeling

Ultimately however, i know i’m a better person for it. Mistress Darcy has definitely helped to reinforce my beta status. Despite witnessing something so erotic and beautiful, when Mistress Darcy did unlock me, i was unable to get hard for her. Humiliating – of course, feeling pathetic and inadequate – naturally; but deep down i accepted it, i know my body and mind are getting conditioned more and more to focus less my pathetic urges and instead embrace life as a beta.

Thank You Mistress Darcy and Her Bull.


Having just received a complimentary CB6000 (handy, but not my first choice), I wanted to take a moment to discuss favorite chastity devices. There are quite a few on the market these days. Chastity cages, full waist belts, urethral insertions, piercing attachments, rings, and of course the dreaded Teeth of Kali. I would be interested to hear feedback from anyone who has done extended chastity play with any belts or urethral devices.

Now, I do have about 3 or 4 plastic CB units right now, and while convenient for quickie Pro sessions or caged fun out and about running errands and shopping, they do have their setbacks. I have broken several in the past–well, the SLAVE broke them each time, with his cock–because they are plastic they are weaker than any of the metal units and more susceptible to snapping or cracking. And if you crack it down the middle, the CB is pretty much done; it is difficult to glue back together and in fact dangerous to use, because you can end up pinching or cutting down the slave’s cock if you don’t glue the fissure entirely or if the crack separates again. And of course, once it is broken the seam of the break will always be that much weaker.

Rings and teeth are fun, but in my experience not slave-proof–having spikes drive into your dick is simply not incentive enough to keep your hands off of yourself. They are better suited for teasing and denial, where you can closely monitor a slave’s erection and ensure he will not masturbate. And although the cock crimper (pictured above) is somewhat mean, it definitely does not always  inhibit an orgasm.

My all-time preferred brand is Mature Metal. They custom-fit a metal device for your specific cock and ball measurements which I have found to be about 95% effective. I have kept several slaves in 24/7 for up to six months at a time (with the exception of two hours each week for cleaning and release) and have had almost no complaints, other than initial issues of sizing, which were ultimately corrected.

Have any of you found other superior brands or models? Drop me a line with any links to chastity products that have you have found awesome or inspiring. I would be especially interested in which full belt models you’ve experimented with for long-wear.


While I am visiting fair Philadelphia in a few weeks I am issuing a challenge to anyone who feels “sub” enough to take it on. I will be bringing a lovely selection of chastity belts: the plastic Birdlock, the Cock Crimper, the CB3000, the CB6000, and one solid metal unit. That’s FIVE opportunities for FIVE different men. The criteria is: I lock you in one by one on Saturday in a nice, quiet public restroom, take a tribute from you, and then unlock you on Monday morning at my hotel when I am getting ready to head back to New York. You have no idea where to find me, no outlet for your frustration and excitement, and no other choice but to where the belt for a full 48 hours.

As if this 48-hour test weren’t enough, whoever is the *most* submissive over the course of the weekend (use your imagination as to what would both prove your devotion and bring me pleasure) will get a free 30 minute session in conjunction with their unlocking on Monday. I’m interested in turning you from a rational, confident, sex-driven MAN into a weak, sensitive, adoring and helpless BITCH. I find the transformation amusing.

Applicants must email me ASAP to be considered and please say where you saw the contest posted. I will need a deposit of $50 via Amazon gift cards to get you on the roster. The total tribute for the chastity challenge is $300 ($250 with the deposit) payable in cash when you meet me on Saturday.


NB: The gorgeous belt pictured above is, unfortunately for me/fortunately for you, NOT the unit I am bringing. Maybe next year!