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Masochists, look alive: I will be offering a three-month special with Mistress Wynter for anyone brave enough to accept. She and I have been friends for years and work very well as a team. If you’re not familiar with her–you better ass’ somebody! She is probably the top CP Domme in New York, possibly in the “Top 10” of caning Dommes worldwide, and has a sterling reputation as a responsible and delightful member of the New York fetish community. Don’t believe me? Check out her twitter!

  • Who: You. Me. Wynter.
  • What: Being disciplined for one solid hour or until you safeword (at which point the session ends).
  • Where: Wonderland or Wall Street, your choice.
  • When: Whenever she and I can see you.
  • Why: Because you want to reach new levels of pain and ecstasy with two of New York’s top Dommes.

Implements include: canes, crops, floggers, whips, paddles, tawses, straps, quirts, belts, bullwhips, and of course bare hands for warm-up. Email to discuss scheduling and details. Anyone coming to Wall Street will need to provide a reference from another independent.

Looking forward to beating you! Er, meeting you! Er, both!