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I have needs. Significant ones.

As a sexually empowered alpha female, I have no problem getting what I want in bed. Historically, I was usually the one to initiate sex on the first date, whether the man wanted to or not! I have always had a very healthy sexual appetite, and I’m not ashamed to own it. Fortunately, there are equally “energetic” men out there designed for women like me.




  1. A well endowed man that has sex with the wife or Mistress of a cuckold. “my Mistress’ Bull is coming over tonight”

The term “cuckold” comes from the medieval folklore around the cuckoo bird, which on occasion raises the chicks of another male. The inference is that if you have an adulterous wife, you can inadvertently end up raising another man’s offspring. Although that’s taking the fetish aspect of it a bit far (impregnation is something I consider edge play!), the fantasy of it is powerfully humiliating for many men, and an intense aphrodisiac for some dominant women.

Cuckold Catches Hotwife 72 wm

Uh oh.

I myself have a great deal of experience in cuckolding, both professionally and in my personal life. One of my ex boyfriends was a hardcore cuckold, and I would often bring it up when we were making love. Nowadays I tend to date alpha males, which for all intents and purposes has meant a transition from cucks to Bulls. It isn’t to say that a cuck can’t have some elements of alpha outside the bedroom, or that Bulls can’t be partially submissive, but the kind of alpha Bulls I date now enjoy either being in control in bed or on equal footing with their sexual partners. It’s a totally different experience having sex with an alpha Bull vs. a cuckold or self-identified submissive male. I personally don’t think I could ever go back.

The most important quality in a Bull is appearance. Bulls are fetishized for their sex appeal, and most fetishes are visual – period, end of story! It’s a superficial trigger, yes, but one that almost never fails. I love the objectifying aspect of this as well; women are used to being appraised only for their looks as an unfortunate side effect of a male-dominated society, so to turn the paradigm on its head and value a man for his looks is both hot and empowering. My preferred aesthetic is

  • Tall – six foot or better
  • Athletic – meaning not super skinny but no distracting body fat
  • Blond – for male models I will not discriminate on hair color!
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What are you doing home so early?

A secondary quality that is nearly as important as looks is attitude. I am intimidating to most of the men who meet me in the scene, and a great deal of the women, too. I don’t try to be intimidating: quite the opposite, in fact. Unfortunately, my reputation precedes me a lot of the time, and people tend to project their ideas about me onto our interactions. An alpha Bull meets me and very quickly assesses me based on my value as a sexual object (high), and doesn’t even think about my skills as a dominant (also high). He sees my height (short) and immediately knows he can take my body (small) and do very energetic things with it until I am in a state of climax (multiple times).

This mentality of sexual confidence is essential for me to feel carnally attracted to a man, and anyone who completely surrenders to my powers as a Femdom is out of the running to be an equal sexual partner (I don’t think most switches feel the type of surrender to which I’m referring). There is no shame in being a submissive male, but when it comes to pee-in-vee intercourse, I don’t really have interest. I love dominating men and using them for all sorts of twisted BDSM scenes, but I couldn’t enjoy sex with a submissive male in the same way that I wouldn’t enjoy dominating a male Dom or alpha Bull. There has to be a certain exchange of energies for an erotic experience to be satisfying on both ends. I have subs and slaves with whom I can get my Domme jollies, and I have Bulls to step in for my sexual needs. Both are important and I wouldn’t dream of giving up either.

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Out of your league.

Although I’m single right now and constantly fielding a stream of requests from Bulls around the world, I have to admit there is one Bull in particular who has captured my attention. Would you like to meet him? If you’re in New York or Boston then you might have a chance. Fill out my online booking form to beg for an introduction. If he and I approve of your application, be ready for a thoroughly humiliating time with the hottest alpha couple you’ve ever met.

Boston Dominatrix


Overjoyed to announce I’ll be making monthly trips to Boston for the next six months as part of my world tour. I want to make sure to give you Boston boys and girls your fill before I close my doors to new clients in the fall.

Please fill out my online booking form to get on my radar.

I’ll be offering bondage, humiliation, cuckolding, forced bi, toilet training, deep psychological domination and D/s edge play, public scenes, corporal (canes, crops, floggers, whips), roleplay, and as much slave training and degradation as you can handle.

As always, staying in Central Boston: Back Bay, Beacon Hill or the Financial District. I require deposits on all sessions.

Femdom Woman Crotch

Boston, I’m coming for you!

Rescheduled from this week, my next trip to Boston is going to be bigger and better than ever! I’ll be at a nice hotel Monday, October 12 through Wednesday, October 14. Please fill out my booking form asap to get on my radar.

On this trip:
-Slave Training
-Leather and Latex
-Forced Bi
-High Heels galore
-Roleplay Roleplay Roleplay!
-Foot Worship
-Corporal Punishment


I just ordered a long distance cuck (he’s in LA, I’m in NY) to set up an online dating profile for me in LA to try and find some tall, hung Bulls for me. I emailed him some flattering photos, gave him a breakdown of the “type” that I’m attracted to and am giving him free reign to set up the account all on his own. I’m even having him answer on my behalf for the first few initial emails, until it’s necessary for me to step in and take over communication. Ideally I’m looking for a guy who’s bi-coastal, but the minimum is to find a Bull who will keep me entertained whenever my cuck flies me to LA. Obviously my standards for dating are high, but I was pretty clear with the cuck about what I do and do not want in a man. I love that I might actually meet someone I really like this way–if things go well, my cuck might be the one who ends up introducing me to my next boyfriend. What a thought. He would probably carry that grief/pride around with him for the rest of his life.

This is my favorite kind of D/s. It’s not “play,” it’s not “fantasy.” It’s actual mind-fucking and–as you’ve already surmised–actual fucking too. Fantasies are fine, but walking the edge in real life carries a thrill with it that most fantasies can never reach. Have you ever participated in this kind of exchange before? What do you think about it? How has it worked out for you? I would love to hear some success stories…or failure stories! It’s my first time handing over an online dating account to a cuck, and I want to make sure I get the kind of men I deserve.



For all you lowly cuckolds in New York who have been begging me to show you what a real man looks like, fear not: I have just met my newest English Bull. He’s a trim 6’3″ (see above) with a lovely 8 inches on him. We met on one of my last trips to London, and naturally I convinced him to pay me a visit here in New York to attempt to sate my embarrassingly large sexual appetite. That and I’m not particularly fond of American accents. I prefer the cultured clip of an English tongue over a slurring, desperate American drawl any day. But please do feel free to pamper me before the session in the hopes that I might take pity on you enough to one day fuck you, too. (In your dreams little man)

He will be visiting ONLY May 17th-20th. Those of you who follow the comings and goings of my English Bulls know what a rare opportunity it is for this unique style of emasculation. On the menu:

  • Verbal degradation
  • Size comparisons
  • Voyeurism
  • Forced feminization
  • Heavy D/s and power exchange
  • Bondage and abandonement
  • S/O
  • Woman worship, massage and pampering
  • Husband/wife and GF/BF roleplay

If you’re wondering what a cuckolding session with me entails and don’t know my general boundaries or keep up with this blog, please read carefully. This is NOT a forced bi scenario. I never combine forced bi and cuckolding with the same man. I do, however,  allow watching (at my discretion), give instruction in blowjob technique, and occasionally allow tasting and swallowing (both my cum and his) from my hand or some other non-genital area. This is not an opportunity to go down on me or my Bull. If you crave the humiliation of being denied sexual, physical contact with me in all forms while being forced to watch me orgasm several times in a row, then perhaps this is the session you’ve been waiting for.

I will see cucks and sluts at my studio in the financial district. References or paid consultations are a requisite for all new slaves in addition to the tribute. I also may ask for a deposit in advance. None of these tenets are negotiable.

Email me to discuss details. I will not answer any questions on email or phone that have been covered in this posting.


Tired of feeling inferior? Discouraged by the pathetic, tiny, pinky finger dangling between your legs? Wife or girlfriend losing interest in sex? Ever been cheated on? Perhaps you should add CUCKOLDING to your New Year’s resolutions.

I am very luck to have a well-hung English Bull joining me in New York for New Year’s Eve. As some of you know, I’ve had a few Englishmen fly out in the past. What can I say? I love them. One of my deepest fetishes, pun intended. This particular Bull is visting for five filthy days and wants to join in on a few humiliation/cuckolding sessions while he’s here. Although he is not a huge scene player, he does enjoy fucking me while my slaves suffer in the corner.


  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Length: 8 inches UC
  • Girth: 6 inches
  • Hair: Blond
  • Build: Lean
  • Orientation: Straight/Vanilla

Since I am a hardcore D/s enthusiast, my cuckolding sessions heavily emphasize the humiliation aspect, including roleplay and other BDSM activities where appropriate. This is NOT a voyeur scenario, though elements of voyeurism may occur as a part of the act itself. I also do NOT allow creampies, pussy worship, or oral “cleanup” in session. Although I do offer forced bi generally speaking, I never combine it with cuckolding. However, I would recommend arriving on an empty stomach in the event he wants to finish on your face bukkake-style, or I need a toilet afterwards.

I will be seeing slaves at my studio on Wall Street. We require at least three days’ notice to book. Email for details: darcy@mistressdarcy.com


I get asked at least once a week what my absolute favorite kink activities are. Mostly it is asked by new people who are not that familiar with my writing and general persona (read: lazy). So I thought I would just write a quick list of some of my favorite things both in and out of session for everyone who wants the synopsis. Also because I’m at my computer and horny…but too exhausted to really move right now, so I’ll have to get my rocks off at the keyboard until I can motivate over to my vibrator drawer.

In roughly ascending order (man, it was hard to choose)…

20. Face Slapping

19. Humiliation (General)

18. Caning

17. Leather Boots

16. Dominant Life Coaching

15. Breath Control and Choking

14. Toilet Training

13. Punching

12. Creative Roleplays

11. Mind Games/Mind Fucking

10. Verbal Takedowns

9. Tickling

8. Sub Girls

7. Cuckolding

6. Foot Massages

5. English Boys

4. Edge Play (not to be confused with Edging!)

3. Age Play

2. 8+ Dicks

1. D/s dynamics in a non-session context (i.e. “real”)


I am offering a limited number of forced bi and cuckolding sessions on my regular trips to London. I have several studs on hand for this who love participating in my sessions, and one enormous, eight-inch Bull. My forced bi sessions typically involve mandatory oral with optional gangbang, depending on my assessment of the slut’s potential. My cuckolding sessions are fabulous, but there is no bi interaction or oral creampies. All sessions above are heavy on humiliation and psychological torment, with slut training, sissification, bondage, and other BDSM elements as I see fit, on a case by case basis.

Reach out asap to schedule something. I will be seeing sluts at various locations in central London for these sessions.


Young elegant couple

Starting with this next trip to the UK I will be joining forces with one of London’s top male Doms. He has taken a long hiatus from his Pro work, but has been continuously active on the lifestyle scene for 15 years. I trust him implicitly and consider him one of the most brilliant minds on the scene. Sessions with he and I can be arranged from September 7-15. Email asap for details.

Humiliation sluts and sissy-cuck fetch boys: I’ve picked up a few new English Bulls since my last trip and am eager to try them out. Most of them are fairly uninterested in my slaves: they want me as fast and furious as possible, whether you’re in the room or not. But take heed, one of them in particular is very cruel. The last time I brought him into session he spit on my slave and kicked his backside quite hard because the slave was getting in the way of my Bull taking his pants off. And when you have a hard, 8-inch cock, you need a wide berth when you decide to disrobe.

Email me at darcy@mistressdarcy.com for details and availability. I’ll be based in a fully equipped space in Chiswick for most of the trip, but have access to other dungeons around town as well. Anyone interested in a smattering of my cuckolding fantasies can read them here: mistressdarcy.com/Fantasies/

So buy yourself a new chastity cage and let’s make a date. It’s about time we had a nice, romantic night together…you’ll just forgive me if I bring along someone else more attractive than you.