french maid

Attention sub females, cross dressers, sissies, and maids. I’m looking for someone to do NSA cleaning for me once a week at my play studio for about 3-4 hours in lower Manhattan. I welcome sexy outfits and a humble, submissive attitude, but you also need to be able to clean thoroughly and properly. I am very exacting, but fair.

I offer a relaxing getaway in which you may express your submissive side freely whilst being useful to me. I have in the past taken my maids out for tea and conversation, and happily offer guidance and dominant life coaching in times of need or confusion. I prefer a polite but professional relationship that follows D/s protocol. I am open to any gender. References are helpful.

Please email me to apply: Include a few photos, a brief bit about yourself, general availability, and references if you have them.

I require maid service in New York at my private play studio. This is a personal slavery position, not a paid position (i.e. you don’t pay me, and I certainly don’t pay you). You must proffer TWO SOLID REFERENCES from women you have served in the past. They may be either lifestyle or professional but must be willing to speak with me on the phone on your behalf. I need someone starting mid-March approximately once per week at my space in the financial district. You must be available for 3-10 hours per week.

Job requirements:

  • Polite: A good attitude is not a preference, it is the first, middle, and last requirement.
  • Adept at house cleaning: sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, polishing, straightening, shining.
  • Not “above” certain jobs, i.e. toilet cleaning, panty washing, etc.
  • Hard worker: you don’t stop until the job is done, even if it stretches over several days.
  • Discreet: what you see and hear in my studio does not get repeated to a single other person on Earth.
  • Not annoying: I don’t know how else to say this.

I will consider both sissie maid gurls and female submissives for this role. There is definitely the possibility for play based on your attitude, your performance, and my mood. The best way to get my attention is to never demand it.

TO APPLY please email me a vanilla photo of yourself and one or two maid photos and age, height, and weight. Explain your background and experience in brief, your location, and your general weekly availability. Don’t forget your references, girls! No applications considered without them.

Slaves, I have two lifestyle service positions open right now for my new studio in New York and am setting up interviews this month. Both positions are reality-based, D/s focused jobs, i.e. you are being asked to make my life easier. This is not by any means a guarantee of play, although I do occasionally play with my servants based on mood and timing. My reviews should speak clearly about my personality and style (i.e. I strive to create a satisfying, exciting environment at all times), but I do expect a lot out of my slaves in exchange for granting them ownership.

Position 1: Muscleman
-DIY experience
-Vehicle preferable (will need to do some heavy loading this month)
-Competence with light carpentry and power tools a big plus
-Able to finish tasks and stay focused
-Attention to detail
-Not annoying or over-talkative
-Loyalty, honesty, and respect….always

Position 2: Nerd
-Above average IQ
-Admin or IT experience a huge plus
-Experience with graphic design or photoshop
-Creative thinker
-Humble and helpful
-Loyalty, honesty, and respect….always

Applications should be via email to Please state which position you are applying for and include a brief summary of your interests, what you can offer in terms of the above, and a reference from a reputable scene player or professional. Photos are very helpful, vanilla and “normal” if possible. Interviews will be granted based on your application strength and my general read on our compatibility. I also have a position open for a houseboy but I have met with several candidates so far who are great. Will probably make my decision on that this weekend.

Attention all eligible bachelors: currently accepting applications for a cute new houseboy in NYC.

-Under 35
-Sub or Switch
-Available for light chores, errands, and service
-Prefer a reference from a reputable scene player or professional

My website is a great place to find out more about me and my interests. Please research me a bit before contacting me. Send applications to my email: Include a bit about yourself and a few vanilla photos. No dick shots or tranny poses.