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I have needs. Significant ones.

As a sexually empowered alpha female, I have no problem getting what I want in bed. Historically, I was usually the one to initiate sex on the first date, whether the man wanted to or not! I have always had a very healthy sexual appetite, and I’m not ashamed to own it. Fortunately, there are equally “energetic” men out there designed for women like me.




  1. A well endowed man that has sex with the wife or Mistress of a cuckold. “my Mistress’ Bull is coming over tonight”

The term “cuckold” comes from the medieval folklore around the cuckoo bird, which on occasion raises the chicks of another male. The inference is that if you have an adulterous wife, you can inadvertently end up raising another man’s offspring. Although that’s taking the fetish aspect of it a bit far (impregnation is something I consider edge play!), the fantasy of it is powerfully humiliating for many men, and an intense aphrodisiac for some dominant women.

Cuckold Catches Hotwife 72 wm

Uh oh.

I myself have a great deal of experience in cuckolding, both professionally and in my personal life. One of my ex boyfriends was a hardcore cuckold, and I would often bring it up when we were making love. Nowadays I tend to date alpha males, which for all intents and purposes has meant a transition from cucks to Bulls. It isn’t to say that a cuck can’t have some elements of alpha outside the bedroom, or that Bulls can’t be partially submissive, but the kind of alpha Bulls I date now enjoy either being in control in bed or on equal footing with their sexual partners. It’s a totally different experience having sex with an alpha Bull vs. a cuckold or self-identified submissive male. I personally don’t think I could ever go back.

The most important quality in a Bull is appearance. Bulls are fetishized for their sex appeal, and most fetishes are visual – period, end of story! It’s a superficial trigger, yes, but one that almost never fails. I love the objectifying aspect of this as well; women are used to being appraised only for their looks as an unfortunate side effect of a male-dominated society, so to turn the paradigm on its head and value a man for his looks is both hot and empowering. My preferred aesthetic is

  • Tall – six foot or better
  • Athletic – meaning not super skinny but no distracting body fat
  • Blond – for male models I will not discriminate on hair color!
Cuckolding Femdom.wm.72

What are you doing home so early?

A secondary quality that is nearly as important as looks is attitude. I am intimidating to most of the men who meet me in the scene, and a great deal of the women, too. I don’t try to be intimidating: quite the opposite, in fact. Unfortunately, my reputation precedes me a lot of the time, and people tend to project their ideas about me onto our interactions. An alpha Bull meets me and very quickly assesses me based on my value as a sexual object (high), and doesn’t even think about my skills as a dominant (also high). He sees my height (short) and immediately knows he can take my body (small) and do very energetic things with it until I am in a state of climax (multiple times).

This mentality of sexual confidence is essential for me to feel carnally attracted to a man, and anyone who completely surrenders to my powers as a Femdom is out of the running to be an equal sexual partner (I don’t think most switches feel the type of surrender to which I’m referring). There is no shame in being a submissive male, but when it comes to pee-in-vee intercourse, I don’t really have interest. I love dominating men and using them for all sorts of twisted BDSM scenes, but I couldn’t enjoy sex with a submissive male in the same way that I wouldn’t enjoy dominating a male Dom or alpha Bull. There has to be a certain exchange of energies for an erotic experience to be satisfying on both ends. I have subs and slaves with whom I can get my Domme jollies, and I have Bulls to step in for my sexual needs. Both are important and I wouldn’t dream of giving up either.

Darcy Lingerie.wm

Out of your league.

Although I’m single right now and constantly fielding a stream of requests from Bulls around the world, I have to admit there is one Bull in particular who has captured my attention. Would you like to meet him? If you’re in New York or Boston then you might have a chance. Fill out my online booking form to beg for an introduction. If he and I approve of your application, be ready for a thoroughly humiliating time with the hottest alpha couple you’ve ever met.

Darcy Ink Drawing.72Hello my fans and friends, I have an exciting announcement:

I have ONE new position open for a graphic design slave from anywhere in the world. He or she will be required to work for me a few hours a week remotely (varies week to week), answering to both me and my Executive Assistant. I have some exciting new projects in the works which require an expert eye, and I will only be able to hire one of the applicants.

All of my personal slaves who are a part of the recently formalized Team Darcy receive excellent care and guardianship. If you would like to join the ranks, and pass the interview process, you will be treated in the same manner. You must fill out a brief application for the position. Experience in Photoshop required; Lightroom, InDesign and social media experience a plus.

Some of the Graphic Designer duties may include:

  • Creating fan art
  • Website page layout
  • Watermarking photos
  • Designing memes
  • Photo retouching
  • Social media and design innovation
  • Brainstorm sessions on graphics and visual marketing
  • Culling photos and tweets from my social media archives

Please complete the first part of the application here. If you have questions about the role or position, or any problems with the application, please email servedarcy at gmail dot com.

CEO Dominatrix

As the CEO of my own startup, I manage my small team of dedicated employees with incredible care and consideration. Most of my hires are freelance contractors, however, I’m thrilled to announce my latest full-time member of staff.

Please welcome my new Executive Assistant, Kyle Davenport, to #TeamDarcy. He will be helping me streamline a lot of my administration and business development over the coming months. Davenport beat out a long line of other applicants, and so far he’s already been invaluable. Things are heating up around here, and I need all the help I can get!

As you know, my Personal Assistant, Anna, has been a presence for sometime. She will continue to work for me, and should they contact you, I expect you to interact with both Davenport and Anna with a baseline of respect and etiquette. They are part of my team and, thus, an extension of me.

If you wish to be a part of my new #TeamDarcy initiative, please drop Davenport an email at darcysassistant@gmail.com. He will set you up with an application for service straightaway which I will review in the next few weeks, when I have a chance.

IMG_6881I have cherished the past eight years as a full-time, full-on, world-renowned, jet-setting dominatrix. My slaves have been loyal, my rent has been high, and the parties have been legend. However, this is the year that things will start to change. The Year of the Darcy–perhaps more so than any other year.

  1. In six months’ time I will, at the very least, discontinue seeing new clients.
  2. I may opt to cease hourly sessions altogether.
  3. If I do end my hourly session practice, I will instead create infrastructure for a handful of financially comfortable (read: rich) personal slaves with whom I can cultivate positive, profound and psychologically intimate D/s relationships.

If you have always dreamed of seeing me, now is the time. I will be essentially going on a world tour in the next six months, and will attempt to visit as many cities as I can to meet those of you who have been begging me to visit. However, if you do not see your city on my travel schedule when it is announced, you should inquiring about flying me to you. I can’t guarantee my availability, but if I have the time and your references check out, I would be happy to make the trip. Anyone who wishes to be grandfathered into my favor should I continue to do hourly sessions needs to see me between now and October 1. After that, you will be unable to see me in person if we have never met.

This is not an official retirement, nor is this me leaving domination. I will be a Domme for as long as my feet will fit into a pair of heels. This is an expansion of my practice; a necessary evolution of my self and my business which has been percolating for years. My D/s philosophies, writing, and overall scene presence will continue to thrive, and I will endeavor to be a force for good for BDSM now more than ever. My kink bonds will become deeper than ever before. I will grow as a Domme and, indeed, as a woman. I look forward to getting to know some of you over the next six months whom I never would have met otherwise, and this farewell tour will be one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done!

For those of you who are hesitant to start a relationship with me out of fear that I may opt out of hourly sessions in not-so-very-long, I would ask that you A) calm down B) consider the natural expiry date on everything good in life and C) ask yourself if you want your life to change irrevocably for the better. My track record is indisputable. Or you can take to twitter to see what my fans are saying. Book a session with me, you helpless little lamb. Now is your chance, and only now.

You may visit my booking page here. My tributes, for any appointments booked after the time of this writing, will reflect my limited availability.

I hope this news brings out the best in you: your courage, your chivalry, your grace, your faith. While I do love the sound of my own voice, I also practice what I preach, and this transition will mark a new and incredibly exciting phase for Darcy filled with joy and power.

Worship while you can, boys and girls. This Goddess is en route to heaven.

BDSM Female Domination

Over the years I have seen many excitable slaves ruin their chances with a Dom/me by exercising poor protocol in his communications. You can be very enthusiastic when discoursing with a Dom/me; that’s a good thing. You can also be over-enthusiastic; that’s very bad.

Or rather, overenthusiasm is fine up until a point. That point is simply the level at which it encroaches on the Dom/me’s comfort zone. It is a very intense and delicate world we dabble in, and even Dom/mes have hard limits. It is imperative that you never forget you are part of a two-way relationship with thoughts and feelings on both sides. Anyone who neglects my boundaries is immediately and sometimes permanently blacklisted.

Femdom BDSM

Some of the basic offenses include:

  • Over-emailing. More than a one to one ratio of emails verges on the inappropriate, unless you have a VERY CLEAR signal from your dominant that you are “friendly” and “jokey” and that casual communication is acceptable.
  • Overly long emails. Don’t say in a paragraph what you can say in one sentence.
  • Graphic Detail. Communicating to me any gratuitous details about your body, practice, sexuality or fantasies, unless solicited by me, is a surefire way to make me delete your email and/or mute you on social media.
  • Inappropriate or too much social media interaction. If you’re unsure if you’re doing too much online, you can always ask a Dom/me if you need to tone it down. He or she will most likely give you the honest answer!
  • Sexual advances. This includes overtures outside a roleplay context or inappropriately intimate requests/conduct while serving in or outside of session.
  • Demanding Intimacy as a Personal Slave. Just to be very clear, this point regards personal slaves, not clients. Steering the relationship towards anything except service-based personal slave dynamics is something that I myself despise, though there are some Dom/mes who may wish to blur the lines emotionally or physically. However, you should always be aware of your Dom/me’s feelings and expectations upfront before beginning any sort of service arrangement. Communication will help you to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. “Contracts” of behavior and expectations between a Dom/me and slave can change, but you must honor the agreement as is until you renegotiate it.
  • Privacy Breaches. Violation of my privacy or infringement on my “real life” or private relationships is a massive red flag and is one of my hardest limits.
  • Emotional neediness. This point regards clients as well as personal slaves. In most cases (and I speak from experience) anything beyond a comfortable employer/employee standard of emotional intimacy between me and my clients starts to erode the relationship and experience. Personal slavery can be far more intimate, but it’s important to keep the nature of the relationship very clear. You can navigate in and out of “friend time” and “D/s time” but by and large it must be done so slowly and with great care if you don’t want to lose the high-voltage nature of a power exchange relationship.
  • Ineptitude. Chronic failure to complete tasks properly or in time, and/or multiple incidents of damage to my studio or property is a great way to not get asked back. There are many reasons that a person can become clumsy, ditsy or inept when in the presence of a Dom/me, so it is important to do whatever it takes to center yourself and allow yourself the privilege of serving. Self-sabotage is a silly thing, and I have seen many a slave with high potential lose out on a great relationship due to not feeling he or she deserves a quality Mistress, or that there is something inherently “wrong” with kink and thus some part of the slave does not wish to participate.
Femdom Protocol

From the gorgeous spread in W Magazine with Bruce Willis

Most of you will not fall into these traps just by design, but if you wish to serve me in the future you must ensure you do not do so out of forgetfulness or over-eagerness either. I suggest you study these tips and make sure your behavior is on point right now, with our communications so far (or your communications with other Dom/mes as the case may be).

Queen Darcy.72.wm

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I’m thinking a lot about love. I love love. It’s one of those few universal cure-alls that invariably makes any situation better. Whether I’m thrashing a sub’s backside bloody or cradling a sub girl as we drift off to sleep, it’s all done with love. BDSM at its best is an expression of love, and anyone who doesn’t believe that is either misguided or missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I don’t need kink to express my love, however, and in my private love life kink is something I usually save until I get to know someone–probably because of the extremity with which I express my kink. I’m a hardcore D/s enthusiast, and so BDSM becomes by extension very psychologically intimate. The depth with which I explore my partners’ minds can be the psychological equivalent of being stripped bare in an operating theater and letting a doctor examine you inside and out with a magnifying glass. When you couple that level of psychological intimacy with emotional and physio-sexual intimacy, it can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast.

I prefer to build a solid vanilla relationship with my romantic partners first, or at the very least a vanilla understanding, as long as they are open-minded and accepting of my job. This may sound shocking given my reputation in the industry; many people expect me to demand kink on the first date, but this is something I almost patently refuse to do. With a solid vanilla bond in place, however, I find I can go farther and deeper with someone in our kink because we’ve already established a firm basis of trust and affection.

My need for vanilla connection doesn’t apply to my personal slaves, though. I cherish my slaves, don’t misunderstand me, but I’ve never dated one. They occupy a totally different place in my consciousness, and bring totally different things to my life than a romantic partner. If you ask a slave, and I mean a died-in-the-wool service slave, most will tell you the same thing: they don’t want a Domme to be their friend or lover, they want her to be their owner.

When it comes to a romantic partner, I need someone who is my equal. My ideal is a vanilla-leaning, successful alpha male who is amused by my career as a Domme but not directly impacted by it. I have dated subs, switches, Doms and fetishists (all of which can be alpha males), and because I work so much I need someone who can take my mind off of BDSM when we’re not kinking out together.

This week I’m featured in the New York Observer in an article about New York’s most eligible singles, and in the interview I basically admit to everything I’ve just said. I’m friends with the editor, and as he quizzed me on some of my preferences in relationships, I couldn’t help but open up about my feelings on the topic under his warm and inquisitive gaze. I was a bit surprised to find myself admitting kink chemistry isn’t the first thing I look for in a partner. My subs and clients might be surprised to learn that too, or even put off. However, part of my business model is to offer my authentic self in my sessions. These days I don’t feel the need to hide behind the mask of what people think a Domme should be. What’s true is true: person first, kink second.

All that being said, here are the traits I look for in my King:

Intelligence: He must be at least as smart as me. I also love a man who is MORE intelligent than I am, but it’s rare for me to meet one.

Kindness: Brains are nothing without heart.

Humor: A man who makes me laugh is 100 times more likely to be invited into my bed than one who doesn’t. Humor-wise I’m more Tim and Eric/Danny McBride than Adam Sandler/South Park.

Emotional Support: It’s not enough to be all of the above, I also need a partner who recognizes my emotional needs and can be there to help when I’m having a bad day. Although I am generally happy and successful, I have my moments of sadness and uncertainty just like everyone else.

Adventurous: This is a combination of energetic and open-minded with at least a tolerance of travel. Adventurous means my man doesn’t like to just sit around and watch TV: he’d rather be out sight-seeing, planning our next trip, or out with me in nature. He also has to be open-minded in the bedroom (obviously), as well as socially and creatively flexible.

Looks: Note that this is next to last on the list. That being said, I’m a wreck for a hot male model. Jawline and abs, mmph!

Cool: How else to say it? Don’t be lame or awkward. 

In summary, my ideal man is someone who can embody all these traits and, above all else, prioritize me and give freely of his affection. In return, I treat him as any Queen treats her King: with respect and utmost love. If you have a Queen in your life and have been dying to tell her how you feel, maybe this week is a good opportunity. And if you’re still out there searching for your King or Queen, take heart. I truly believe everyone has someone for them out there in the world.

Photo Stephen Perry

Mac Fetish

The infamous Slutever just sent me an interview we did ages ago for Mac Cosmetics’ Magazine. I love her body of work as a journalist – she’s one of the great, iconic voices of progressive sexuality in the US right now. We’ve done a few interviews over the years, and they are inevitably insightful, provocative, fun and, on occasion, truly hilarious. Thanks gorgeous, for another great piece!

Karley Sciortino: Many people think the role of a dominatrix is simply to dominate and abuse people. They don’t realize that often sessions are catered to a client’s specific desires. Would you say your job is to execute you clients’ fantasies’ in a believable or pleasurable way?

Mistress Dee: That’s part of it. There are different kinds of dommes, just like there are different types of lawyers or chefs or anything else in the world. Some dommes feel that the service they provide is to execute people’s fantasies verbatim. Personally, I start by saying, “give me your full list of interests” – this is where their fantasies come into play – as well as a list of their hard limits. This gives me an idea of their mental landscape. So in the session, I don’t only address what they want, but also what they might not even know they want – this gives me the power. But I always have to address enough of the client’s interests that he or she continues to want to play the game – because it is a type of game; it’s removed from reality, which is what makes it BDSM, rather than actual physical or psychological abuse. I can’t completely tell the client to just do whatever I want, because then he’ll never come back to session with me again, and ultimately one of my fantasies is to make a lot of money, so I need clients.

Full interview here. Click on “see full feature” at the bottom.


November is the most special month of the year. Why? Because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH!

I love attention and gifts, so your wishes, tweets, emails, cards and presents really do make a difference. I cherish each adoring fan I have. Seriously! I love you for loving me!

If you want to spoil me you can get me any of the delicious things from my Amazon Wishlist, or visit my Site’s Wishlist for a full idea of my tastes and interests. Each of the items on my Site Wishlist have been hand-picked by me.

If you REALLY want to give us both a gift, just book a session with me this month. You deserve to spoil yourself too, from time to time. I’ll be in New York until November 22, then in London November 23-30.

Make it a month for us BOTH to celebrate. (See photo: me partying on the dancefloor on Halloween in my preferred attire. More of that to come the next few weeks!)

Errand Boy Secretary

I have an opening for a fit, smart and capable submissive to serve me in New York City roughly 2-10 hours per week. The official title is errand boy, if male, or secretary, if female or TS/TV/CD. Job responsibilities may include: DIY, research, gopher-type tasks, cleaning, shopping lists, light admin, driving, equipment and studio maintenance, organization and general support and assistance when I need it. I have found the best situations are when I craft the details of the service position around the person, not the other way around.

While I do occasionally “play” with my personal servants (play is a misleading term for the way I dominate, but still), it is completely at my discretion and largely based on how attractive and annoying/not annoying I find you. Age, looks, and health ultimately have less to do with how attractive you are than your psychology. If you expect BDSM activities, you won’t get them. If you help me out with a sense of generosity and joy, you’ll find yourself edging your way to the top of my priority list. This usually takes several weeks at least, so the most important thing is to feel an urge to contribute to my life. I offer an accepting, mature, compassionate environment for my servants, though I am very strict when my orders are not followed.

If you are a service-oriented male or female submissive seeking an alpha Female guiding force in your life, or a helpful and capable young switch or newbie with a desire to assist a hot female, I welcome your application. Please email as follows to darcy@mistressdarcy.com.


Errand boy (if male)

Secretary (if female or TS/TV/CD)


No more than three sentences about your previous experience relevant to the job position. Applications longer than this will be ignored. Don’t tell me about your individual BDSM interests outside of a desire to serve. That’s a phase two discussion.

One sentence detailing general availability in NYC: times/dates, etc.

Note any references you have from previous Dom/mes. Include their name, email and phone.

Note if you have a vehicle or not (bike, car, truck, etc).

Note your location: must be in the tri-state area.

Include three photos of yourself, including a clear face photo and a clear body photo. I will delete all photos after reading. I have no interest in congesting my hard drive with your personal information.