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Hostage Torture Femdom Slave

She kept her eyes on his body as he limped over to the bath, seemingly unfazed by his tremendous arousal. As she slipped out of her cardigan Alexander noted a natural grace in her movements, a sort of soft self-assurance that made him want to fuck her desperately. With one hand on his shoulder she knelt and took a washcloth to his chest, caressing him as she went. He leaned back and allowed her to wash him, gazing at her lush lips and trying to resist the overwhelming urge to kiss her.

When she reached his stomach she paused a moment and dropped her head slightly as if addressing some inner commotion. Whispering an oath in French she turned her eyes up to him, her cheeks flushing with desire as let her fingers travel underwater to his cock. Her tiny hand explored it for a moment, impressed with its girth, and then gripped it tight as she leaned into him, murmuring velvet-soft words in her language and letting her warm tongue lap over his ear.

Moaning under her mouth he felt his cock pulsing in her hand, begging to enter her. She took a fistful of his hair and pulled his head back, then brought her delicate lips an inch from his and licked the sides of her mouth. He closed his eyes in utter awe of her beauty, and when he opened them again he saw she was now standing with her back to him, facing the window. Looking out onto the darkened forest she gently raised her middy above her head to reveal a soft, bare back. Alexander was astonished by the reflection of her breasts in the window: soft and white and the largest he’d seen on a girl her size.

She bent down slowly and with terrible accuracy slipped out of her skirt. Her white panties hugged her sides, tracing gentle, curved lines down her thighs and then falling down, down her legs as the girl pulled them to the floor. Her ass was glorious. Firm, tender, porcelain, and more inviting than Alexander could bear.

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Femdom Hostage

Art by Eric Stanton