I don’t want you going stir-crazy while I’m away from New York this holiday, especially given that it’s such a stressful time of year. If you’re pining to see me in New York from Dec 22-Jan 5 I highly recommend my friend Goddess Aviva in my stead. I’m fielding all requests to her until I return. She’s one of the best foot domination Mistresses I know in the industry, in addition to being very sadistic and hopelessly beautiful.

Goddess Aviva’s Website

Phone is the best way to reach her, so please use that when contacting her. The number is 347 741 8550

Femdom Woman Crotch

Boston, I’m coming for you!

Rescheduled from this week, my next trip to Boston is going to be bigger and better than ever! I’ll be at a nice hotel Monday, October 12 through Wednesday, October 14. Please fill out my booking form asap to get on my radar.

On this trip:
-Slave Training
-Leather and Latex
-Forced Bi
-High Heels galore
-Roleplay Roleplay Roleplay!
-Foot Worship
-Corporal Punishment

Feet Femdom wm 72

For select weeks over the summer I will be offering group foot sessions in New York as a way to entertain me and my girlfriends. The sessions are bookable in 30 minute increments, and vary based on how many girls are involved. My co-Dommes will likely be a mix of both professionals and non-professionals. We will take certain requests into consideration: stinky, smelly, sweaty, filthy, dirty, dusty, clean, just-washed, or lightly scented are all on the table. Pedicure color and foot sizes are totally at our discretion. Footwear requests, however, depend on a confluence of your request and each of our moods.

Photo features me (right), Goddess Aviva (left), and two vanilla friends.

Please fill out my online booking form to inquire further.

Foot Femdom Goddess wm

As soon as we hit July, I could pretty much either be found barefoot or in flip flips 24/7. I find it so much more comfortable to walk around that way, and since I’m on a regular pedicure schedule it’s never a problem. Frankly, I love showing off my feet in public, and flaunt my toes in my flip flops on the subway and in restaurants on purpose!

I can always spot the foot boys when I’m out and about. They’re staring at my feet until I catch them, then bashfully look away or blush. I keep my gaze on them until they look back at me, just to let them know that I know. Silly boys. Sometimes if I’m out with my friends we all wear our sandals together, and that’s when we REALLY get some looks from the boys.

It doesn’t hurt that I also love shorts that are so sparse they’re practically panties. I’m basically all legs, feet and ass when I’m running errands. I just wear my headphones constantly because I don’t want to hear all the comments guys throw at me. I block out most of the perverts, with the exception of the sweet, cute ones who I see checking me out. I try to catch their eyes on purpose, usually giving them an encouraging little smile to let them know it’s okay to look.

One casualty of all my naked foot behavior is that they do get awfully, awfully dirty by the end of the day, and usually a bit sore. That’s when I call on my favorite slaves to come over and help me relax with a adoring, personalized bath and foot massage. I’m totally spoiled. And I don’t think you’d want it any other way.