Hey bitches, I’m back in LA Dec 3-6! I love California so much, I just can’t stand to stay away. I’ll be renting a darling little apartment in the Hollywood Hills and conducting the majority of my sessions there. I’ll also be able to travel to any of the main dungeons in LA if you want to experience that setting, but I’ll need advanced notice.

My specialties on this trip will be cuckolding, lingerie, leather worship, chastity, toilet training, humiliation, hardcore D/s and mind control, forced fem, beatings, and foot worship.

Fill out my online booking form to get on my calendar. I’m already taking requests!


I’m honored to be starting as an instructor this fall at the luxury lingerie store Coco de Mer in London. I’ll be offering my first course October 30th as part of their Sensual Education salon series–just in time for Halloween! The salon is called The Marvels of Role Play and offers both BDSM and D/s basics as well as a step-by-step guide to conceiving and executing your most exotic scenarios in the bedroom (or any other room you like). If you’re interested in taking the class, please sign up here. Feel free to drop me an email in advance of the salon to introduce yourself. I love saying hello to new students!

Based in London, Coco de Mer has some of the finest undergarments I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. They sell truly exquisite sex toys and upscale BDSM equipment for people who want to enrich their love life with designer tools and accessories. If you’ve never been to their shop in Covent Garden, I highly recommend stopping in. It feels like stepping into a delicious time warp, back to the days when modest Victorian mores turned our basic sexual needs into elegant, erotic reverie. If you want to spoil your lover or partner (or me for that matter) this is an ideal shop to visit. And for all of you based outside the UK, their online store is pretty comprehensive.


I am offering a special type of session while I’m in London this next trip. I will bring with me an assortment of gorgeous vintage lingerie outfits, and will be delivering a vintage caning experience as well. There are two levels of session: a 30-minute minimal warm-up punishment scene, and a one hour warm-up with roleplay. Teacher, babysitter, older sister, mother, and school bully are all on the menu. If you were ever strapped, caned or spanked by a hot female teacher, you know the indescribable blend of humiliation, pain, shame, and delight that accompanies it. You think you were the only one feeling it? I would say a good many teachers went out of their way to pull your pants down. And yes I know that’s an incendiary statement. Regardless, I need no reason to punish you. And I’m sure you will furnish plenty of confessions in the moment to fuel my stroke. After all, I’ve been trained in traditional English cane administration. Your lessons will be sorely learned this time.


For everyone who wants to kiss a little ass this year, my birthday is in LATE NOVEMBER. That means you have only a matter of weeks to get your act together! I have had a few requests already as to what type of gifts I would enjoy. Below you can find a list of things I love. Please ask before you stray from this list and see me for ALL size requests.


I am celebrating one of my all-time favorite holidays in London this year. My plans may take me to Club Antichrist on Friday November 1st (pre-party) and Torture Garden on Friday and Saturday the 1st and 2nd (party-party). My closest and kinkiest friends will be joining me, and as some of you know I am at my best when on UK soil.

But of course, I spend so much time commissioning outfits yearound (my birthday outfit is going to be devastating), that I have completely neglected a Halloween costume. Thus I am launching a little contest. Anyone interested in purchasing my Halloween outfit for one of my parties may accompany me to that same party for a few hours as my personal slave. You will get playtime with the one and only ME in front of the entire club, in the fabulous outfit you have purchased for me. Here are a few ideas for outfit choices. You can tell I have leather and lace on my mind.







As you can see, I am leaning towards either a black widow leather assassin, or classic boudoir bridal-comfortable. What can I say, I’m a walking contradiction! Both equally exciting and equally erotic. Email asap to submit yourself for the contest. Open to any age, build, or gender as long as you are well-behaved.


It’s that very special time of year when you spend way too much money on assorted useless red crap and drugstore chocolate that your wife or girlfriend is probably dissatisfied with anyway. Or–even worse–you walk the streets bitter and single, grumbling at every couple holding hands while gingerly flexing yours in your pockets after over-wanking the night before.

So here’s an idea: if you’re in a relationship, make your partner a wonderful dinner at home for $20 with a few candles on the table; draw her a bath and rub her feet; fuck her and make her believe she loves you. Because its probably true. Then take all of your pent-up urges and anxiety and call me. Take the extra cash you saved and spoil me. Take the initiative and make my day special. I’ll remember.

It’s the best way to be a part of my life on this potentially very frustrating holiday. I think of each and every one of my slaves every time I use something they’ve given me: slave G when I carry my coach bag; slave T when I wear my silk scarf; slave W when I smell my Chanel perfume; dear sweet neil whenever I wear one particular pair of Louboutins.

Below you will find my Valentines Day Wishlist. And of course anyone who wants to indulge me with something on this list will get an audience with me since I want you to deliver it in person, whether you’ve booked a session or not. A foot massage when you arrive will score you major bonus points.

Happy Valentines Day. See you at my feet.