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Finally. London, I’ve missed you so.

LONDON: April 18-25

I’ll be in town to visit friends, party, and of course see my loyal slaves. If you’ve been anxious to see me in the UK (and there are hundreds of you), please take a moment to email me and get on my calendar now. I will be fully booked by the time I arrive, as usual. If you’ve not seen me before please fill out my online booking form.

Domestic sessions in Central London will be available, as well as dungeon rental sessions in Bloomsbury.

Dominatrix London

I just adore my wonderful friends and fans in the UK! I can’t stay away! I’ll be back in London for New Year’s for one week, December 29-January 4. If you want to see me and couldn’t find the time on my last trip, NOW is your chance! I’ll be staying in Central London and taking sessions in Bloomsbury at my favorite rental dungeon and doing domestic sessions at my flat.

My social calendar includes:
The In-Betweeners Munch Dec 29
Not-NYE Torture Garden Dec 30
Not-NYE AntiChrist Jan 2

Please fill out my online booking form to start the process if you’re brand new to me. Otherwise, just drop me an email! Can’t wait to get back with you all.