I have an opening for a new domestic slave in New York City, all genders welcome. Titles I will consider:

  • Maid
  • Secretary
  • Errand Boy
  • Girl/Boy Friday
  • Lackey

This particular position will involve working closely with me in both my home and my studio, as well as a certain requisite amount of public interaction (going to the store, coming with me on errands, running errands yourself, etc). You will need to budget approximately 8-10 hours per week for the duration of your service. Please apply here and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is not incredibly clear already: this is not a paid position. Nor are you asked to pay. This is personal slavery: a way to better my life in very specific and tangible ways.

I am always seeking out new team members for the stable of slaves that collectively make up Team Darcy. I require New York City slaves for numerous tasks on a daily basis and an assortment of remote/long distance slaves to handle my administrative work. I could not do what I do without my team. Regardless of your location or position, in order to apply you must be a dedicated, service-oriented submissive focused on making my life easier in any way that you can.

Maids BDSM

Over the past year I have built a staff of devoted New York personal slaves that is now in the double digits. They are collectively known as Team Darcy, and it’s not hard to find the individual members on social media as all of them are very proud to be a part of the D/s family I am creating. I’m not able to run my business without them, and I take good care of those who are loyal to me.

I do have two positions open right now that are very important position indeed – Butler and Head Maid. These positions are gender-neutral and require slaves who are smart, capable, and have enough time and leadership abilities to be able to organize all of the work that goes into my household and studio maintenance. You will be interacting with other team members and be responsible for delegating activities, so a sense of community and social grace is essential. The relationship does not necessarily include “play,” though that does unfold naturally with most of my team. You will of course be speaking with and serving me in person from time to time whenever I happen to be at home or at the studio.

Butlers BDSM

These positions are first and foremost for service slaves who enjoy benefiting the life of a great lady. All of the slaves who have worked for me for over six months develop a terrific D/s working relationship with me, and I do my best to ensure my staff feels a sense of being looked after and cared for in times of crisis. Due to my busy international travel schedule, I am not always able to interface with my staff, but the more a slave works for me the more access he or she has.

Other job responsibilities include:

  • Butler: Organizing clothing and shoe maintenance and cleaning
  • Butler: Shopping online for miscellaneous items and furniture
  • Butler: Running errands
  • Butler: Delegating DIY tasks and household maintenance
  • Maid: Cleaning and tidying weekly (usually partially or entirely undressed)
  • Maid: Ordering new cleaning supplies
  • Maid: Delegating cleaning to other staff when not available

If you would like to apply please email servedarcy at to begin the process.

Butlers and Maids