Femdom CFNM

Mangano CFNM Ad

Male models get a lot of flak. Thanks to Zoolander, they’ve furthered their reputation in the mainstream as vain, ridiculous, and occasionally stupid. In my experience none of these things are necessarily true. Yes, there are male models who have those hideous traits, just as there are individuals¬†all around the world who fall short of their basic duty as humans. The male models I have met have mostly been intelligent, savvy, ambitious, hard working, and very sweet.

Foot Fetish

Tom Ford Foot Fetish Ad

These photos are from some of my favorite kinky ads featuring gorgeous male models. Women’s bodies are objectified often in fashion, and it’s a nice change of pace to see men in the spotlight as either sex object or sex toy.

Human Pony

Tom Ford Human Pony Ad

I’m okay with mainstream fashion, music and film appropriating fetish and BDSM culture as long as it includes an accurate and respectful depiction of our world. It is largely the popularization of kink in the “glamorous” pop market that has made it a talking point for the vanilla masses. All in all, it’s a good thing: more awareness means more acceptance. And they won’t touch most of the truly taboo activities anyway, so there is still plenty of playground left for us freaks.

Femdom BDSM

Steven Klein Femdom Ad

My favorite male model right now is Rene Grincourt.¬†You can tell he works really hard on his body, and he has a sweet and, I like to think, kindhearted expression in every photo. Rene, if you’re reading: let’s get lattes.

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