I’m not sure why so many kinksters consider this a taboo activity. There are some Dommes and subs who are vehemently opposed to any play that has anything to do with age play. Of course if you were sexually abused when you were younger I can see why it would be a difficult subject that merits total abstinence. Or, and I say this with a straight face, if you or your play partner have certain latent tendencies and are worried that exploring them might ignite forbidden (read: illegal) fantasies, then it is a bad–let’s just say very bad–idea to engage in this kind of scene.  I myself have never been attracted to a child, minor, or infant, and I can state with utter confidence that I never will be. However, many people I know (myself included) didn’t have our first sexual discoveries when we were teenagers; they happened much earlier, before we had the language or even body parts to understand and act on the urges. Thus it seems only natural that for some of us reenacting certain childhood rituals still carries a powerful eroticism with it. I have a huge ageplay interest in terms of Mommy/son, and although I don’t know quite how to explain it I can say that the age I most gravitate towards in my ageplay subs is generally the same age at which I started having those pre-lingual sexual urges. Perhaps it was that I started to notice boys when I was that age, although that still doesn’t account for why I enjoy being the Mommy. Hell, I just like it!

I find it to be one of the most powerful forms of Dominant/submissive bonding in fact. The uneven distribution of power is unquestionable, but so is the level of compassion required. Most of us experienced the purest form of unconditional love when we were children (as opposed to the various diluted forms of complicated love that come with adulthood), and any scene I do with an ageplay submissive inevitably involves the “L” word. I love to love, and we love to be loved, after all. The experience of being loved is so powerful that many subs I know unconsciously transmute love energy into sex energy later in their adult lives. It is a very organic and, when you consider the fundamental need to be loved, sensible transition. The activity, sensation, or image they associated with being loved, cared for, or in the presence of an almighty power–being on the ground and seeing Mother’s feet; breastfeeding; being encased in a blanket; spanking; toilet training–over time also becomes associated with intimacy and vulnerability, and finally sexuality. A fetish is born.

All of this is fresh on my mind because I’ve just ordered a load of diapers and adult baby clothes online. Bursting with kinky love right now and wanting to caretake. If you’re an adult baby or age play enthusiast, and I have made you feel a bit warmer or looked after today in reading this, feel free to drop me an email.