If you’ve ever been to my studio, you know about the one fetish I have which is NOT listed on my site. I don’t talk about it publicly most of the time because it can draw jeers from others who don’t share in my interest. Indeed, some would say it’s not a fetish at all, but the fact that it makes me joyous, energetic, and undeniably horny must surely qualify it for some kind of kink. In fact I don’t think a session is truly complete without it.

I’m talking about 80’s music. Not the vacuous, soundtrack crap that defines so many Hollywood films, but the good stuff. The artists that only get richer and more alluring over time. Mostly new wave, some rock, some pop. All timeless. It’s strange that, even though I was born in the 80’s, I didn’t make an effort to explore any of the music until just a few years ago. I blame it on being very “uncool” when I was growing up and also not really reaching peak music-listening age until the 90’s (when everything started to go downhill anyway). But my sheltered musical upbringing did create an incredible moment of discovery for me about five years ago when I finally turned an ear to that oh-so-emotional decade. I became obsessed with new wave–love at first listen–and still relish the moment when you hear an old song for the first time and wonder, “How in God’s name have I never heard this before!?” And with that I offer the following short playlist in the hopes that there is at least one song on there that will inspire such a reaction in you, too.


One of my slaves was so inspired by the post below on Darcy¬†Tribute Songs that he recorded his own holiday anthem. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to my endless laughter. Your voice is truly an abomination on mankind, but luckily for you, I don’t think of you as a man. Seasons greetings slave, I hope the world enjoys your devotion as much as I do! Enjoy listening…

Twelve Days Of Darcys Christmas