I have an opening for a new domestic slave in New York City, all genders welcome. Titles I will consider:

  • Maid
  • Secretary
  • Errand Boy
  • Girl/Boy Friday
  • Lackey

This particular position will involve working closely with me in both my home and my studio, as well as a certain requisite amount of public interaction (going to the store, coming with me on errands, running errands yourself, etc). You will need to budget approximately 8-10 hours per week for the duration of your service. Please apply here and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is not incredibly clear already: this is not a paid position. Nor are you asked to pay. This is personal slavery: a way to better my life in very specific and tangible ways.

I am always seeking out new team members for the stable of slaves that collectively make up Team Darcy. I require New York City slaves for numerous tasks on a daily basis and an assortment of remote/long distance slaves to handle my administrative work. I could not do what I do without my team. Regardless of your location or position, in order to apply you must be a dedicated, service-oriented submissive focused on making my life easier in any way that you can.

Femdom Slave

I now have an opening for a dedicated Social Media Minion to assist me with some of my social media planning and execution. It’s a fun role, and requires a VERY trustworthy slave who is also intelligent and experienced and willing to talk to me every week.

Age: 22 – 40

Gender: No preference. Male, Female, Transgendered.

Location: Can work remotely, anywhere worldwide so long as English is excellent.

Time Commitment: 6 – 10 hours a week.

Communication: Directly with Mistress Darcy via Skype, IM or in-person, at least once per week.

Personality: Educated and articulate. Able to digest info and communicate it to others, and conduct online research. Able to learn quickly and assimilate new technologies and trends within a week or less. Funny and/or witty according to your friends.

Work Flow: Able to work quickly with a consistent turn-around- time of 4 days or less on large projects. Analytically-minded, able to spot trends and patterns and identify new opportunities for social media.

Required Skills:

  • Email marketing
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Social media scheduling
  • Blogging

Bonus Skills:

  • Twitter Analytics
  • Data analysis
  • Photo resizing
  • Canva
  • Snapchat

Please email to request an application. This will start the process for your application for the position. There are several steps to the interview, but most highly qualified, personable and eager to work slaves are at the very least given serious consideration.


Have you thanked your sub(s) lately? Take a moment and think…they do so much for us. Although most dominants are not known for their humility, when we do feel it, it is profound.

Thank you to Greg, who has been with me the longest. What, five years now? I can’t wait to beat his ass bloody soon to really say thank you. He’s also, incidentally, a spectacular Femdom enthusiast. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Greg, you’re the shit.

Thank you to Alise, without whom this site would not run. She’s collared now and just pierced her ears today. I’m proud as a peach. You deserve that collar, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you to my little girl for loving me. I love you back. See you tomorrow.

Thank you to Laura for being there for me in all ways, and to Liz for being stunning and brilliant. Now bend over.

Thank you to Phoenix for being invaluable already. Couldn’t be doing this without you, girl. Oh and…pandas!

Thank you to dreamer and raj, for your devotion and faithful service. And for the presents this week! I needed a pick-me-up. Can’t wait to show off both gorgeous items this weekend.

And little m, you are my most recent trophy. Get your ass back here to New York so I can do bad things!

Take a second and text, email, or call your favorite submissives, right now. Most of them just want to see you happy. Give them the gift of letting them know you’re pleased, and maybe even that you like them and enjoy their submission. (Domme hack: doing this will make them work harder!) Our interactions are so much richer when you give thanks and receive “you’re welcome.” It can be vulnerable, but it’s worth it.

Maids BDSM

Over the past year I have built a staff of devoted New York personal slaves that is now in the double digits. They are collectively known as Team Darcy, and it’s not hard to find the individual members on social media as all of them are very proud to be a part of the D/s family I am creating. I’m not able to run my business without them, and I take good care of those who are loyal to me.

I do have two positions open right now that are very important position indeed – Butler and Head Maid. These positions are gender-neutral and require slaves who are smart, capable, and have enough time and leadership abilities to be able to organize all of the work that goes into my household and studio maintenance. You will be interacting with other team members and be responsible for delegating activities, so a sense of community and social grace is essential. The relationship does not necessarily include “play,” though that does unfold naturally with most of my team. You will of course be speaking with and serving me in person from time to time whenever I happen to be at home or at the studio.

Butlers BDSM

These positions are first and foremost for service slaves who enjoy benefiting the life of a great lady. All of the slaves who have worked for me for over six months develop a terrific D/s working relationship with me, and I do my best to ensure my staff feels a sense of being looked after and cared for in times of crisis. Due to my busy international travel schedule, I am not always able to interface with my staff, but the more a slave works for me the more access he or she has.

Other job responsibilities include:

  • Butler: Organizing clothing and shoe maintenance and cleaning
  • Butler: Shopping online for miscellaneous items and furniture
  • Butler: Running errands
  • Butler: Delegating DIY tasks and household maintenance
  • Maid: Cleaning and tidying weekly (usually partially or entirely undressed)
  • Maid: Ordering new cleaning supplies
  • Maid: Delegating cleaning to other staff when not available

If you would like to apply please email servedarcy at to begin the process.

Butlers and Maids
Liz Taylor Diamonds

Goddess Elizabeth Taylor

Nothing says love like precious gems, so when you’re ready to show your Goddess exactly how much you cherish her, be sure to follow this step-by-step guide. Messing up any one of these aspects of the jewelry ritual could mean your Domme doesn’t feel your love like you intended, and you might end up making a very expensive mistake! But if you get it right, you will stand out from all her other suitors. Speaking from experience: the right piece of jewelry in the right way will make your Goddess remember you forever.

Goddess Audrey Hepburn


Find out what your Goddess’ favorite colors are. Ask in general, and at a later time also find out specifically what her favorite jewelry choices are. Does she like silver, gold, or rose gold? Does she like diamonds or emeralds? What are the jewels and precious metals she wears the most?

Marilyn Monroe Diamonds

Goddess Marilyn Monroe


Ask your Goddess outright: “Ma’am, if you were to receive jewelry as a gift, would you prefer rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or something else?” Look at her jewelry collection if you have access to her bedroom (and you feel it might be appropriate to take a peek), and assess what her tastes are so that you can stay in the family of things she likes. It is also totally reasonable to ask her to prepare a Pinterest board or “look book” of jewelry she wants. It is effort on her part, but if you are about to make an investment of several thousand, you need to get it right. And trust me: she won’t mind making the effort.

If you are unable to buy REAL precious gems, you can settle for costume jewelry. I love costume jewelry, personally, and am not elitist about it. For business meetings and day wear, however, I prefer real jewels (diamonds, emeralds, etc.) so it’s good to have a range.

Rita Hayworth Diamonds

Goddess Rita Hayworth


Go somewhere reputable if you are buying precious gems and be sure to get a gift receipt! Just in case she wants a different color or style. Again: it’s likely several thousand you’re spending, so you want to make sure you get it right. If you are buying costume jewelry make sure it is good quality costume jewelry and won’t just fall apart. Nothing is more embarrassing than buying a gift which breaks shortly after you deliver it.

If you purchase something on sale, you better be DAMN SURE it is perfect for her. Does it match her favorite colors and styles? Is it something she has on her wish list or Pinterest board? If not, be ready to take the gamble that she will be disappointed.

Lauren Bacall Pearls

Goddess Lauren Bacall


Every single time you present jewelry to a woman, you must either make sure it’s in a nice box, pouch or bag of some kind, or that you have prepared the environment around you to act as the “dressing” for you to give it to her by hand. Don’t just come up to her in the bathroom when she’s putting on makeup and hold out a chain. Make it a sacred moment between the two of you. Charge it with some emotional weight and power, as you have made quite the investment of time and money by now and deserve to finish the ritual properly!

Your Goddess will appreciate that you took the time not only to select the perfect piece for her, but that you made sure to set the scene. Some options to aid your setting are: low lighting, candles, music, a lunch or dinner, a surprise in bed while she relaxes with a formal breakfast or tea service. You can present on your knees even if it’s not an engagement ring: your Goddess will appreciate the gesture of chivalry, especially if you’re a submissive.

Sophia Loren Diamonds

Goddess Sophia Lauren


Be sure to offer it with an air of gratitude, and don’t expect anything in return except a smile from her. You might offer a few words as well, like “thank you for being the perfect woman, and inspiring me everyday with your natural beauty. These jewels only highlight what is already flawless elegance.”

She will read in your eyes that you are being authentic, and the fact that you ask nothing in return will make her want to give you everything.


The author showcasing a few recently acquired diamonds. Thanks, slave!




Starting today, I will be actively seeking out a few new team members for my stable of New York City slaves. The positions are for dedicated, service-oriented submissives who will make my life easier with their in-person service. Much like my remote team of assistants, admins, designers, etc, this locally-based team will work together to see that all of my needs are met here in New York. I should not have to ask that someone clean my place before I come back for a trip, or worry about whether I have a chauffeur to and from the airport.

My expectations will be high. For instance, I need assurance that someone is waiting to drive me home to a sparkling clean apartment. Ultimately I want to focus on my business endeavors and occasional social plans with friends and lovers, instead of menial tasks.

I am open to males, females, sissies, and everything in between, as long as you are loyal, dependable and focused on service to me over your kinks. To apply, you must have at least eight hours a week to dedicate to me, be it running errands, picking up packages or simply waiting / hoping for me to contact you while you cover an on-call shift.


  • 18 – 60 years old
  • Male, Female, Transgendered all welcome
  • Minimum eight hours a week to be dedicated to Mistress Darcy
  • Live and/or works within 60 minutes of New York City
  • Clean-cut, professional and presentable
  • Service-oriented and focused
  • Enjoys high protocol D/s service
  • Willing to collaborate with other team members


  • Chauffeur with own car a plus
  • Maid / Butler
  • Errand boy / girl
  • Meal planning / preparation
  • Shopping
  • Ebay listings / processing
  • Package pick-up / returns
  • Coffee delivery or preparation

To apply, send a polite email to and request an application (to be completed via email).

Errand Boy Secretary

I have an opening for a fit, smart and capable submissive to serve me in New York City roughly 2-10 hours per week. The official title is errand boy, if male, or secretary, if female or TS/TV/CD. Job responsibilities may include: DIY, research, gopher-type tasks, cleaning, shopping lists, light admin, driving, equipment and studio maintenance, organization and general support and assistance when I need it. I have found the best situations are when I craft the details of the service position around the person, not the other way around.

While I do occasionally “play” with my personal servants (play is a misleading term for the way I dominate, but still), it is completely at my discretion and largely based on how attractive and annoying/not annoying I find you. Age, looks, and health ultimately have less to do with how attractive you are than your psychology. If you expect BDSM activities, you won’t get them. If you help me out with a sense of generosity and joy, you’ll find yourself edging your way to the top of my priority list. This usually takes several weeks at least, so the most important thing is to feel an urge to contribute to my life. I offer an accepting, mature, compassionate environment for my servants, though I am very strict when my orders are not followed.

If you are a service-oriented male or female submissive seeking an alpha Female guiding force in your life, or a helpful and capable young switch or newbie with a desire to assist a hot female, I welcome your application. Please email as follows to


Errand boy (if male)

Secretary (if female or TS/TV/CD)


No more than three sentences about your previous experience relevant to the job position. Applications longer than this will be ignored. Don’t tell me about your individual BDSM interests outside of a desire to serve. That’s a phase two discussion.

One sentence detailing general availability in NYC: times/dates, etc.

Note any references you have from previous Dom/mes. Include their name, email and phone.

Note if you have a vehicle or not (bike, car, truck, etc).

Note your location: must be in the tri-state area.

Include three photos of yourself, including a clear face photo and a clear body photo. I will delete all photos after reading. I have no interest in congesting my hard drive with your personal information.