I’ll be spending most of the next month (Sep 24-Oct 24) in New York and will have a little free time in my schedule to indulge you all.

Location: Wall Street Studio or Public Setting
Availability: 7 days a week Sep 24-Oct 24
Theme: Humiliation, Roleplay and Emasculation

For those of you who might not be familiar with my work, I’m a classically trained Dominatrix (ha…who hands out those degrees?!) with a private play studio and most of the traditional equipment that goes along with BDSM. My specialties, however, are psychological domination, humiliation, roleplay and mind-fucking. So while we can do a lot of the typical session leather/discipline/bondage/pain kind of things quite happily, if you’re looking for someone to get in your head and stay there…drop me a line.

Roleplay has always been one of my top activities. I’m actually teaching roleplay at Coco de Mer next month in London. It requires tremendous mental facility on the part of the Dom/me. If the Dominant is good, creative, and energetic, then so long as the sub is halfway responsive the scene will go well. I have a pretty filthy mind, but new scenarios are always welcome.

I do a lot of multi-player sessions as well. Studs, couples, co-subbing, female subs, etc. It’s best to get to know each other first beforehand though, one on one, as those scenes are quite intense and take a lot to arrange on my part. If you have people you want to bring in, email me and we can discuss.

For cuckolding I have a few Bulls in NYC and some visiting Bulls from time to time. As it happens, I have a new English Bull in town from September 26-October 4. He’s a 6’4″ wealthy, successful alpha. Do I need to say well-endowed? Most of you know to expect that from me by now. Anyway, he’s also well-endowed. I’m thrilled to be doing a few sessions with him as he is new to the scene. Anyone who’s brave enough can contact me to get on our calendar.

If you’re interested in a public element, this is where I truly shine. I love walking that thin line between erotic and terrifying. I won’t ever embarrass myself publicly, but I am expert at making sure it’s an outing you won’t ever forget. Dinner, drinks, or shopping with you in an iddy-biddy chastity cage and panties is my idea of a great time. I just hope the waiter doesn’t mind me ordering for you. And speaking for you. And refilling your glasss in the ladies’ room.

Email me to discuss session options further at darcy@mistressdarcy.com. I have a screening process. Please give at least three days notice.


I am thrilled to be participating in a brand new, star-studded, international fetish event: Hogspy Live. My global fan base made me eligible to be one of the featured Dommes for the evening, which means any guest who attends has the privilege of suffering at my hands, as long as I deem you worthy and you don’t mind waiting your turn. It promises to be a very intimate night with a tight guest list and tons of space for playtime and torture at the hands of some top professionals in the Femdom industry.

I can guarantee I will be in very sadistic form that night. If you’ve never had the privilege of sessioning with me–prepare thyself. The public component is highly arousing for me: anything I would do to you in private becomes twice as erotic to me in public. And, strangely, I find myself being far harsher and more diabolical when I have an audience. As it is a private event, I am able to flaunt my cruel impulses with no fear of being booted from the club. All the things I refrain from at the tamer kink events will be fair game here: heavy medical, toiletry, gruesome pain play and corporal punishment, public shaming, fluids, brutal ballbusting, etc.

The event is at the infamous Murder Mile and runs from 9:00pm until 3:30am. There are a limited number of tickets available so any of you fans and slaves who are keen on attending should get your tickets now. Also in attendance will be almost two dozen internationally-acclaimed ProDommes. They haven’t released all the names yet, but after speaking to the owners of Hogspy I can guarantee it is a very good list.

Hogspy Live is going to be high fetish protocol from what I understand, so make sure you have something suitably sexy to wear. I’ve just had a new outfit commissioned from House of Harlot for the evening and will be unveiling the design that night. Half of the fun of fetish events for me is dressing up in clothes I can’t wear to normal parties, so hopefully those of you who are going will make some effort!

Follow the link here for your tickets. And be sure to email me if you decide to go. I am even extending a special offer: anyone who brings me a gift gets to spend time with me in the room/activity of their choosing! Otherwise requests will most likely not be honored, and it will be Lady’s choice as far as activities are concerned.

See you in the dungeon!


Do you prefer a deep, intense one-on-one experience with your Dominant? Or do you thrive as the center of attention in a group setting? Have you fantasized about being one in a pack subs or the only slave in the room responsible for servicing everyone present? Based on my experience there are three categories. Most people prefer the intimacy of one-on-one and can’t really free themselves up and relax if there are many others present. There is, however, a very strong faction of subs who LOVE group scenes, the more the merrier! And a third set of subs can go either way, depending on the scene and their mood.

I enjoy the benefits of both. Each category has it’s cools and not-so-cools. Though I will say one of my specialties is group scenes; not because I am outstanding at it (I let other people decide that for me), but because so many ProDommes are shit at it! Most of the best group scenes I have heard of have been lifestyle organized by either male or female Dom/mes. The others have been organized by some of the top names out there in ProDomming–Mistress Absolute, Domina M, Dante Posh, Goddess Cleo, The Hunteress, Lydia Supremacy–women who lead the FemDom industry in resources, intelligence and experience, and all of whom I am happy to call my friends. Aside from that, there are not a tremendous amount of successful group sessions going on from what I can tell, including all the forced bi/party sessions which have such a heavy advertising and marketing cloud surrounding them. Sure, “Forced Bi Fuck-Fest” *sounds* like a great event, but most likely it will be a bunch of fellow subs asked to act like Doms, awkwardly showcasing their 6-inch cocks and beer guts.

Let’s look at the past two weeks. I started off my trip to London with a six-person gangbang the night I arrived. My good friend Savannah Sly was in London at the time as well and was able to jump in to help me wrangle all the men. There were two forced bi studs and one Bull–certainly enough to keep my slave entertained for 90 minutes. Though I have to say, at nine inches, my cock won the night. The next day I jumped into a 48-hour scene (yes there were breaks). The slave brought a gorgeous girl with him to London just to see me. I had them commission matching catsuits at House of Harlot and matching his and hers chastity belts from Carrara. The mega-session culminated in a party scene with four gorgeous submissive girls (including the girl the slave had brought) and the slave himself, with me at the helm dominating all of them for three hours. It was a real highlight of my year so far. I did another smattering of forced bi, double Domme and cuckolding scenes over the course of my London trip, in addition to the standard one-one-one scenarios. Then just last night after getting settled and unpacked, I did an extremely hot double-male-sub session here in New York. The first sub had admitted a huge voyeuristic streak, so I brought in one of my young, well-endowed playthings to torment them both together. My double-ended dildos have never been so happy! And watching them suck each other off while in chastity was a very cruel thrill.

One of the biggest negs about group scenes is that I run out of hands. Especially when I am the only Domme in the room. Everything can take more time as I run from body to body, juggling rope, toys, and lube and trying to keep each slave occupied. But I love having bodies on all sides of me, touching, teasing and torturing them in whatever fashion my wandering hands desire. In an ideal world I would have a fetch boy or girl at the ready to help me with the equipment and bondage miscellany, leaving me to mastermind the scene and do the more difficult, hands-on work with each person. When a big scene like that goes off well, and I am truly the captain of a small army of slaves for an hour or so, the power high is incomparable. I walk away feeling absolutely superhuman and am usually floating for at least a day afterwards. Plus watching a room full of gorgeous, highly aroused people orgasm at the same time is pretty f-ing amazing, no matter where you are in the hierarchy. So although I don’t have the time to organize group scenes all the time, they inevitably are one of the highlights of my month.

NB: I am going to start organizing more group scenes for sexy females. Interested lady-subs, please email me at darcy@mistressdarcy.com to inquire.


He was seated at the table when I arrived with his hands folded anxiously in his lap, showing as much enthusiasm as a man can display in a packed restaurant in Time Square. I sidled into the booth, sat down, and produced an astonishing smile: it was meant to melt him and it did.

For the rest of the dinner he was clay in my hands. So eager for training that I found myself doing things I hadn’t even anticipated. I improved everything about him, from his speech to his eye contact to where he placed his feet during the meal. He hung on my every word, making sure to ask questions only when I prompted him and to answer each and every one of my questions with great detail and sincerity. I instructed him to pour his heart out to me, which he did completely and with gratitude. Halfway through the meal I knew more about his sexuality than he did…all I had to do was look into his eyes to see he was born a slave and would be at his absolute best in life at the command of a beautiful woman.

When the waiter approached I made sure to order for the both of us. My slave blushed at the privilege and seemed to get an endorphin rush when the waiter commented on his subservience to me. “What, you have to ask her permission [to have another glass of wine]?” The waiter was incredulous, thought we were joking. “Yes, that’s right,” my slave replied, “permission for everything.” I laughed out loud, very appreciative of this moment of public humiliation. As a reward I slid my boot up carefully and toed his cock which was safely locked away in a chastity belt. He sunk forward slightly, his eyes glazing, and whispered “Thank You.”

When I excused myself to the ladies room I surreptitiously handed one of the room keys off to another Domme friend of mine (Mistress Carly). The slave did NOT see this coming, so when I ordered him up to his hotel room all by himself he was shocked to find my friend there waiting for him. I wasn’t sure how he would react to this, but he was elated. My friend is gorgeous and I figured since this slave was so eager for training, and so well mannered and polite, that he deserved the company of two supreme females and not just myself. The honor did not go unappreciated. He spent the evening catering to our every whim, from fetching us room service to being our toilet whenever we needed one. Both of us wanted foot massages and I have to say he had great hands. Foot turned into shoulder, which turned into a leg and ass massage (which only I ask for btw, slaves who ask for these are denied). There were a few times I felt he was almost too enthusiastic, as in when he offered his bed to me for the night if I didn’t feel like going home. I told him that if I wanted his bed he would be the first to know, and that the next time he visited me I might make plans for him to sleep in the closet and have me sleep in his bed. However the mere suggestion coming from a slave is somewhat outrageous. Obviously a slave would give almost anything to be lucky enough to sleep in the same room as me; it’s a privilege I almost never bestow on any slave male or female. I reminded him “The less you ask, the more I give,” and he responded with a heartfelt apology and laid himself at my feet in subservience.

The evening was genuinely terrific. From the spacious venue of his upscale hotel room to the delicious dinner and erotic conversation…this slave was obedient bordering on reverential. His service in the hotel room, when Carly and I were relaxing with each other and chatting, was exceptional. Not for one moment did he forget our pleasure and importance: we were treated as proper Goddesses all evening. I thanked him at the end by pissing on him one last time and gave him my word that he could serve me again in a month or so. I hope that any prospective slaves who are reading this learn a bit about TRUE service: what it is to bring pleasure to a superior female and even some of the particulars of what it takes to keep me specifically happy. Mistress Darcy is a complex woman, but this slaves’ desire to serve and PASSION for female supremacy ensured that my needs were fully met all night.

hollywood Star copy


SO excited to be back in LA this week. I’ll be in town specifically for an all-day session but do have time for about 3 or 4 new slaves who want an audience with me. I am staying in West Hollywood and doing mostly sessioning out of my rental apartment (awesome roof deck and pool for public humiliation), but do have access to a number of the dungeons around town with enough notice – Submission LA, Dungeon West, IronGate Studio, etc.

I will be packing tons of CP and CBT equipment. Feeling incredibly sadistic lately. Also in my suitcase: electrics, massive dildos, chastity devices, hoods, gags, and basic travel bondage.

My public humiliation sessions (i.e. Degradation Dates) are fair game as well, and I will be able to do doubles with many of the well-known Dommes in LA. Sheri Darling, Justine Cross, Ariana Lexine, and Eden Winter are all friends of mine. The only thing better than me by myself is me with a few girlfriends to goad me on.


I am crafting a new kind of public session: Degradation Dates. You, me, a restaurant or bar of my choosing, and all the abuse and teasing you can bear in front of the other patrons. Since I’m already doing quite a bit of this by request, I figure I will just make it “a thing” and start advertising it. The fact is, I f**king love it. Perhaps even more than private sessions. I get instantly high off of the delicious knife’s edge between subtle and overt that gets sharper and more dangerous the more people are watching.

I’m not one to walk you down the hallway on a leash–this is much more delicate. Perhaps I bind your hands with a zip tie and you struggle to lift your fork without being noticed. Or I may have–oops!–dropped my used tampon in your coffee cup, but you wouldn’t dare refuse it in front of me would you? The waiter is asking you for your order, and instead I order for you, asking if they have any dog food on the menu; when the waiter chuckles I say completely deadpan, “in that case my ‘unfortunate animal’ will not be eating at all,” and I order a steak for myself.

Many of my Domme friends are interested in joining the fun. In London we have:  Mistress Absolute, Mistress Jezabel, Amy Hunter, Mistress Esme and Rebbeka Raynor. New York includes: Mistress Wynter, Mistress Alex, Mistress Tess, Domina Dante Posh, and my homegirls Leona Stern and Mistress Carly. Imagine a gang of us, three or four of your city’s top Dommes, picking you to pieces over sushi, pawing at your trousers and giggling at what a stuttering imbecile you’ve become. Then we all three sojourn to the ladies room and come back with wine glasses–could it be?–twice as full as when we left! When I say drinks with the girls I guess I mean more, drinks from the girls.

For the emotional masochists, my Bulls love putting on a good show. You could take us shopping for lingerie (j’adore La Perla!), try to catch a glimpse of the merchandise through the dressing room curtains, and then beg to be allowed to join us in private afterwards. Or perhaps I promise you “a romantic night out” over dinner, but when you arrive at the restaurant the waiter shows us to different tables. I enjoy my dinner so much more if I knew you were hunched at the bar, watching. And if his hands start to wander I’ll be sure to throw you a glance and a smile. It’s the least I could do, since you’re getting our tab.

See my homepage for travel dates. I will not be able to accomodate requests for Degradation Dates same-day; since I have to coordinate other people for this please try to give me at least a week’s notice. And we will be going to reputable bars, restaurants and shops, so don’t think you are “getting a deal” with this kind of session. This is an elegant, exquisite form of torture which takes quite a lot of careful planning. Prices will vary based on who is involved, how long, what we are doing, etc. Email me at darcy@mistressdarcy.com to get a quote and to ask about any other basic details.