I am perhaps something of a controversial figure because of my strong fetishization of, and talent for, mindfucking. While mindfucking can backfire in an astonishing burst of emotional fireworks and debris, I must admit I respect it for its sheer metric force. This should be everyone’s approach when dealing with a potential weapon of mass destruction: respect and a comprehensive understanding of its power. No matter your “opinion” on this fetish, or any others, the bottom line is that a good mindfuck can be a brain-meltingly hot experience that leaves a strong, positive fetish impression for years, for both Dom/me AND sub.

Click here for more of my writing on Emotional BDSM and Mindfucking / Psychological Edgeplay.

You essentially build yourself into the perfect D/s compliment for the other person, Weird Science-style from the inside out, complete with every personality trait necessary for the rejection D/s roleplay to work. Then you form an intense and convincing emotional bond with the other person, which is totally possible even in as little as 10 minutes. Finally, you slowly break yourself down around them (or build yourself up if you’re the Dom/me) bit by bit until you are in such different leagues that anything can be used in service of the power disparity. The chasm between you becomes insurmountable. Yet you’re tethered together. Yet you’re apart. Yet you’re together. It’s a sickening kind of invisible bondage-humiliation-torture all in one.

The key is for both parties to be incredibly clear about what they are getting into from the start and continue to be overly clear about the nature of the roleplay even after it’s “over” (even when the delicious pain is still lingering). You don’t want to incur net negative repercussions from someone who can’t decipher between fantasy and reality. Rejection play can be INCREDIBLY hot, but don’t do it with someone who isn’t totally prepared for a roleplay of this nature. You will hurt them and get a reputation for being an asshole.

Of course, sometimes someone claims to want to be involved in mindfucking and emotional masochism, but then changes their mind at the last second or in a way that is confusing to the dominant. On one hand, if you volunteered to be there knowing full well that there were risks, you had better try to figure a way to exit the scenario with your psychological health intact. Submissive have a responsibility to know themselves well enough to say yes or no responsibly to a dynamic that they take part in initiating. But if the dominant senses that a submissive doesn’t know how to say yes or no responsibly, is naively in over his or her head, or will be incurring a net negative from the interaction, then the Dom/me should put a stop to it. Both Dom/me and sub share a responsibility for mental and emotional safety, and to blame it all on the Dom/me if things go wrong is shitty and incomplete.

Fortunately the vast majority of people I have ever mindfucked have taken enormous responsibility for their portion of things, and we have had incredible experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life and vice versa. These roleplays are some of the defining moments of my life as a Domme. They have sometimes changed my submissives’ entire lives, for the better. But these roleplays were also just roleplays, and they need a deft and nimble mind and an iron-core of confidence for the submissive to distinguish fantasy from reality. So if you’re into receiving mindfucking like this on a regular basis, good job: chances are you’re both smart AND super comfortable with who you are.

I remember one session I did with a sub male client that was particularly cruel. He wanted an hour at my studio one night after work for a small penis humiliation scene. We met for a consultation a few days beforehand so that I could vet him, and immediately I had a pretty clear idea of his interests and type. Although he said he “didn’t like to control things,” before the consultation he had emailed me a long and detailed list of his interests and triggers including specific names he liked to be called, words to use for his dick, roleplay scenarios, etc. He was about as bad at giving up power as I am, so I made sure to craft the interactions from the beginning in a way that would leave him off kilter and disoriented in the session and in an authentic position of being mentally and emotionally out of control.

The first method was to dismiss him when he mentioned (again) that he liked roleplay. I told him that while I was well known for it, it was not something I actually enjoyed that much. It takes a lot of energy and planning, and in general is less rewarding than just connecting with someone on a “real life level.” This was all false, but he believed me and, although disappointed, agreed to go along with whatever I said.

The thing that made the next part of my scheme work was that he was semi-attractive and was well aware of it. He had a pretty good personality (in spite of his topping from the bottom), and we had great chemistry in our consultation. In a moment of irony, he displayed his fatal flaw of hubris by admitting that his dick was “not actually as small as he liked to say.” He had exposed a crack in this own small-dicked fantasy and in the process claimed that he would happily go along with anything I said, no matter how cruel or cutting. I used all of this to my advantage and lowered his guard by telling him in the consult that I totally understood his small penis humiliation fetish, and although I knew he was exaggerating about its small size, that I knew just what to say to him to make sure we “both had a hot, fun time together.”

From then on I downplayed my dominance over email: I called him by his first name instead of “slave,” cracked jokes with him, asked questions instead of giving commands, etc. This lasted for about three or four emails leading up to the session. By the end of it his fondness for me had increased, and his respect for me had decreased. I had successfully humanized myself for him, voluntarily stepping down off the pedestal he had built for me. Little did he know I would be climbing back up on it soon enough. At the time, however, I had lowered his expectations. I was now a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When he walked in the door I didn’t have him undress, and instead gave him a quick cheek kiss and had him sit on the couch next to me and “chat” for a few minutes. Most people who have sessioned with a traditional independent Domme know this is pretty unusual. We talked for about 10-15 minutes about his day, my day, etc, and I humanized myself even more. At about the 15-minute mark, he tried to give me my tribute and asked to start the session. I looked at him meaningfully and let a coy smile play on my lips, then told him in a frank tone that I was having too much fun to session. He gazed at me, confounded and delighted at the same time, and again shoved the money towards me. I reached for it, looked at it, and then handed it back to him. It was that moment, seeing a ProDomme hand his money back, that he became submerged in the ruse. He would believe anything I said.

I draped my hand across his leg and trailed my fingers up towards his crotch. With another smile, I teased my hand up his chest and rubbed his neck a little. Gazing lovingly into his eyes, I swore to him “you’re not like my other clients. You’re not really like a client at all. I would actually go on a real date with you.” The cognitive dissonance on his face was priceless.

The lower half of his body overpowered the upper half, and he continued to blithely believe every word I said. He scooched closer, clearly dying to kiss me. I kept rambling on about how I had gone on a date with someone a lot like him a few weeks back, but that the guy I was on the date with had a terrible personality. This client, on the other hand, well he’d kept me laughing all night long so far. I shifted subtly, just out of reach from his hands and mouth. I kept my eye contact throughout, giving him all the signs of a woman on a date that is “DTF.”

Finally, after about 10 minutes of this slow teasing and seducing, I asked him to stand up and started fondling his crotch and whispering in his ear. Did he want to go in the other room? I had a spare bed in there, and although I vowed to him that I never, ever dated my clients, he hadn’t actually given me money yet, so technically he wasn’t a client?

The poor sap got his pants off so fast that it actually knocked me off balance and back onto the couch. I sat there watching him, pretending to be captivated and sexually ecstatic, touching my body just enough to feign arousal and goad him into taking off his underwear.

That was when I dropped the first nuke.

I let my eyes fall slowly from his face down to his erection. Reality: it was average. Maybe 5.5 or 6. Roleplay: I pretended it was 2.5. I didn’t go into “fake-Domme-your-dick-is-so-small-holding-up-my-pinky” mode though. That’s shitty and dumb. I actually just in my mind made myself really attracted to this guy, and simultaneously in my mind saw his dick as being 2.5 inches. I had spent the first half of the session convincing BOTH him and myself that I wanted more than anything in the world to fuck him. This average looking guy with the average sized dick had become my paragon of sexiness and beauty. The true artistry and skill in a good roleplay revolves around getting BOTH people to buy into it. Once we established that, the rest was easy. In that horrible moment when he dropped his gray briefs onto the floor, all I had to do was walk in the front door of the elegant house of lies I had spent the past 30 minutes constructing.

I let loose a sort of “ohhh” noise and let my jaw drop a little. Then I turned my head in modesty and started blushing. I’m still not sure how I did it, but I could literally feel the color flushing in my cheeks. I put my hand over my mouth. “What?” he said, genuinely confounded. “Nothing, nothing,” I replied. I paused a moment for effect. Then I started laughing. Quietly at first, then a little bit louder, as if I couldn’t hide it. I kept my face turned away to make him think I didn’t want him to know I was laughing. He was starting to deflate. He was losing his boner for real. His eyebrows were crinkling in the middle of his forehead. Miraculously, he still believed my reaction was organic.

I got up and got a glass of water, feigning a cough. Then I slowly walked back over to him and picked up his underwear. “You know, I’m actually kind of tired. Maybe we can continue this over a drink tomorrow…or something.” I handed him the underwear and gestured for him to start to get dressed. He tried to rub my shoulders, get close to me, caressing my stomach. I waved him off.

Finally I leveled with him. “Look,” I said, staring into his eyes and taking his face in my hands, “I like you. You’re cute, you have an incredible sense of humor, we obviously have chemistry but…seriously? Did you ever actually think I would… with that?!”

“Oh come on Darcy,” he tried to protest. “This isn’t roleplay. It’s not THAT small.” Yes, he actually said, “this isn’t roleplay.” I barked with laughter and let loose a curtain of missiles aimed directly at his self-confidence.

“I know this isn’t roleplay. If this were a session, I would have taken your money. But I didn’t. We were having fun. I felt like I was on a date. I’m attracted to you. But I don’t appreciate your lying. Yes, you lied to me. You did! When you sit there and look me in the eyes in broad daylight and try to tell me “truthfully” that your dick is average sized, and I actually believe you, that’s lying to my face. Average? You know what average is? It’s 6 inches for a Caucasian male in America. I am not looking at six inches right now. And I have seen thousands of cocks in my life. Are you delusional? I’m a ProDomme, I know what average looks like. I’ve seen average. And your dick is so far below average that I am actually angry at myself that I let things get this far. I can’t believe I bought it. I can’t believe I fell for it. I would never, in one hundred million years, even consider fucking…that. I wouldn’t feel it. There would be no sex, no sensation. Your dick is so disgustingly small that I almost wish this were a session, just so I could tell you off for it.”

The poor man didn’t know what to believe, but his (average) cock had started to twitch again with the horrible realization that not only was he not getting sex, but that this woman with whom he had formed an intense emotional bond in a short amount of time was now realistically and brutally berating him in a lifestyle turn of events that he had only imagined in his wildest fantasies. I continued ranting on for another 10 minutes, eventually ending with him on the floor on his stomach, grinding and begging me to hump until he came in his underwear.

Before I knew it, the hour was up and the session was over. I snatched the money out of his pants pocket and started counting it in the corner.

“You’re welcome.” I tossed the words over my shoulder at him as he caught his breath on the floor, a huge grin of awe and wonder spreading across his face.

I could be as cold as I liked now. The character was gone, and I said a perfunctory goodbye as he let himself out. He could tell that the whole thing had been a fabrication. In his follow-up email, he thanked me for the most realistic roleplay of his life, and admitted he was relieved he hadn’t actually been given the opportunity to cheat on his wife that night. I knew he would go back to her peaceful in the knowledge that he belonged with her, and that I remained comfortably out of his league for all time. I had constructed a fantasy for him that played perfectly into his decades-long fetish for humiliation, and which could not be achieved by someone who was being transparent about their tactics.

The best kind of dominant is someone who can actually outsmart their submissive: surprise, frighten, and delight them. It takes a bit more planning, forethought and skill, but the moments when I outsmart my subs are by far my most rewarding moments as a Domme. In those moments, the power exchange is not roleplay. It’s real.

Click here for more of my writing on Emotional BDSM and Mindfucking / Psychological Edgeplay.

Boston Dominatrix


Overjoyed to announce I’ll be making monthly trips to Boston for the next six months as part of my world tour. I want to make sure to give you Boston boys and girls your fill before I close my doors to new clients in the fall.

Please fill out my online booking form to get on my radar.

I’ll be offering bondage, humiliation, cuckolding, forced bi, toilet training, deep psychological domination and D/s edge play, public scenes, corporal (canes, crops, floggers, whips), roleplay, and as much slave training and degradation as you can handle.

As always, staying in Central Boston: Back Bay, Beacon Hill or the Financial District. I require deposits on all sessions.

Kink BDSM Femdom Kink Roleplay

Want to convert your partner? Spice up your bedroom? Take your kink to the next fun, creative level? I’m hosting an extraordinary class on March 6th at 7pm at the infamous Coco de Mer in Convent Garden, London that can do all of that for you, and much more. This is your chance to learn about the intricacies of erotic roleplay in a safe, luxurious and inspiring setting.

The Marvels of Erotic Roleplay

Coco de Mer, March 6th 7pm-10pm

23 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9DD, United Kingdom

Here is an excerpt from the Coco de Mer website:

“In this salon your teacher, internationally renowned Dominatrix and lifestyle kink practitioner Mistress Darcy, will guide you through how to indulge in role play. Over the course of two hours you’ll be instructed on how to create a scintillating role play covering every base from how to negotiate boundaries with your partner, through to the tools needed to set the scene. To bring the ideas to life Mistress Darcy will give a demonstration with her assistant of a role play session in full swing, after which you and a partner will plan your own scene under her expert guidance.”

The class is £95 which is a total steal for three hours. You get individualized attention from me as well, and unlimited Q and A. Also a great place to meet single young kink-curious hotties…just FYI!

sexy legs


The following was penned by a recent submissive after a particularly scintillating “boss” roleplay.

I left the lab to meet with Darcy, my chosen mistress. I was a little late, after helping a student with a problem, so I decided to take a cab instead of the F train, thinking it to be quicker; it was not. Some sort of accident on Canal St. brought traffic to a stand still. The cabby, in a thick accent, advised me to walk across the bridge. A check of the map on my phone revealed no subway stations nearby. I didn’t have much time. I ran. I ran in the cold until I was out of breath and kept going. I cursed the length of the Manhattan Bridge, as it seemed endless. I was out of breath, but I’ll be damned straight to Hades if I was going to let traffic, of all things, ruin such an important life event for me. But eventually I arrived at the corner of Jay and York; ironically the exact place the train would have taken me. 

I texted Ms. Darcy, as instructed; I still didn’t know the location of my destination. I got an address and walked to it, taking off the leather jacket I was wearing to vent the heat. I found the address, and texted again. I waited… The message came, telling me which button to buzz. After exiting the elevator I went to the door; it opened before I could knock. 

She was dressed in professional, sexy garb — totally in character. Knee length skirt, beige hose, white blouse, red lips. Dark, gorgeous hair. And those eyes… If she were any other woman I would long to make her mine. But I knew full well that this was not just any woman. This was a creature with special powers, and abilities. A creature that walks among us, but is not one of us — a creature above us. I acknowledge that such amazing people really exist and yet here, somehow, here I was with the opportunity to experience her art. 

I was nervous. The first page of the report I carried said:

Optically Activated DNA Recombinase Engineering Report: Project status and simulation data.

 Very Big and Unethical Pharma Corp of America(TM) 

Prepared for: M. Darcy, Senior Managing Director of Ultra High Technology Research Division  

It was incomplete, and late. It was my fault, and I knew I was going to be in trouble for this. To make things worse I had such a crush on this beautiful imperious woman that I worked for. I was to deliver the document personally to her, but somehow also had to minimize the damage. It wouldn’t be easy: Ms. Darcy was a no nonsense kind of boss.

After a glass of water (for which I was thankful), Ms. Darcy asked me to take a seat. I told her that the report was more difficult than anticipated, and that it was not complete. She chewed me out for having been late with the report. I begged for more time but she informed me that her presentation was tomorrow. Wow, that came down like a hammer: I fucked up way worse than I thought. I begged for my job, but it didn’t work. She said I was fired and handed me my coat. I was desperate, I begged again. She told me to come up with 10 reasons that I be allowed to continue my job. She looked both angry and amused as I stood there before her, only managing to come up with maybe five reasons at the most in my pathetic stammering. She was not impressed. Somewhere I must have said, “I’ll do anything” because I suddenly found myself gagged and being told I was to be “the office bitch boy.” I had no choice but to accept this fate and now, with her power over me firmly established, the next phase was for her to exercise that power. 

She demanded my wallet. I gave it. She gave it an amusing peruse and took the cash for herself. She then lit a golden cigarette that smelled of mysterious herbs, possibly clove. She smoked it close to my face; I relished the smell of it. She put the gold tip between her luscious red lips and took a drag before making little smoke rings. I stared, mesmerized. What an incredible beauty she was! Also, frightening… She made me confess that I had goofed off by playing video games and jerking off to porn when I should have been working. It was humiliating. I totally deserved it, and I knew it.  

Ms. Darcy then made me strip, commenting on my good looks and making a note of my broad shoulders (I must admit this made me happy). But she said it was too bad my cock was so small. Then the ultimate humiliation: she took out a measuring tape and confirmed that I was half a man. This felt strange; here a woman openly confirmed what I already knew. However, no woman had ever made an issue of it before, which was obviously just them being kind. I had expected the SPH to make me very sexually excited—after all, one way to deal with a small cock is to make it part of a fetish. But, instead I actually felt a bit of relief, a sort of acceptance. My Domme had given me brutal honesty, scene or no scene. She acknowledged something no other woman in my life had ever been straight with me about… 

Full review available on Mistress Review.


For all you lowly cuckolds in New York who have been begging me to show you what a real man looks like, fear not: I have just met my newest English Bull. He’s a trim 6’3″ (see above) with a lovely 8 inches on him. We met on one of my last trips to London, and naturally I convinced him to pay me a visit here in New York to attempt to sate my embarrassingly large sexual appetite. That and I’m not particularly fond of American accents. I prefer the cultured clip of an English tongue over a slurring, desperate American drawl any day. But please do feel free to pamper me before the session in the hopes that I might take pity on you enough to one day fuck you, too. (In your dreams little man)

He will be visiting ONLY May 17th-20th. Those of you who follow the comings and goings of my English Bulls know what a rare opportunity it is for this unique style of emasculation. On the menu:

  • Verbal degradation
  • Size comparisons
  • Voyeurism
  • Forced feminization
  • Heavy D/s and power exchange
  • Bondage and abandonement
  • S/O
  • Woman worship, massage and pampering
  • Husband/wife and GF/BF roleplay

If you’re wondering what a cuckolding session with me entails and don’t know my general boundaries or keep up with this blog, please read carefully. This is NOT a forced bi scenario. I never combine forced bi and cuckolding with the same man. I do, however,  allow watching (at my discretion), give instruction in blowjob technique, and occasionally allow tasting and swallowing (both my cum and his) from my hand or some other non-genital area. This is not an opportunity to go down on me or my Bull. If you crave the humiliation of being denied sexual, physical contact with me in all forms while being forced to watch me orgasm several times in a row, then perhaps this is the session you’ve been waiting for.

I will see cucks and sluts at my studio in the financial district. References or paid consultations are a requisite for all new slaves in addition to the tribute. I also may ask for a deposit in advance. None of these tenets are negotiable.

Email me to discuss details. I will not answer any questions on email or phone that have been covered in this posting.


Do you prefer a deep, intense one-on-one experience with your Dominant? Or do you thrive as the center of attention in a group setting? Have you fantasized about being one in a pack subs or the only slave in the room responsible for servicing everyone present? Based on my experience there are three categories. Most people prefer the intimacy of one-on-one and can’t really free themselves up and relax if there are many others present. There is, however, a very strong faction of subs who LOVE group scenes, the more the merrier! And a third set of subs can go either way, depending on the scene and their mood.

I enjoy the benefits of both. Each category has it’s cools and not-so-cools. Though I will say one of my specialties is group scenes; not because I am outstanding at it (I let other people decide that for me), but because so many ProDommes are shit at it! Most of the best group scenes I have heard of have been lifestyle organized by either male or female Dom/mes. The others have been organized by some of the top names out there in ProDomming–Mistress Absolute, Domina M, Dante Posh, Goddess Cleo, The Hunteress, Lydia Supremacy–women who lead the FemDom industry in resources, intelligence and experience, and all of whom I am happy to call my friends. Aside from that, there are not a tremendous amount of successful group sessions going on from what I can tell, including all the forced bi/party sessions which have such a heavy advertising and marketing cloud surrounding them. Sure, “Forced Bi Fuck-Fest” *sounds* like a great event, but most likely it will be a bunch of fellow subs asked to act like Doms, awkwardly showcasing their 6-inch cocks and beer guts.

Let’s look at the past two weeks. I started off my trip to London with a six-person gangbang the night I arrived. My good friend Savannah Sly was in London at the time as well and was able to jump in to help me wrangle all the men. There were two forced bi studs and one Bull–certainly enough to keep my slave entertained for 90 minutes. Though I have to say, at nine inches, my cock won the night. The next day I jumped into a 48-hour scene (yes there were breaks). The slave brought a gorgeous girl with him to London just to see me. I had them commission matching catsuits at House of Harlot and matching his and hers chastity belts from Carrara. The mega-session culminated in a party scene with four gorgeous submissive girls (including the girl the slave had brought) and the slave himself, with me at the helm dominating all of them for three hours. It was a real highlight of my year so far. I did another smattering of forced bi, double Domme and cuckolding scenes over the course of my London trip, in addition to the standard one-one-one scenarios. Then just last night after getting settled and unpacked, I did an extremely hot double-male-sub session here in New York. The first sub had admitted a huge voyeuristic streak, so I brought in one of my young, well-endowed playthings to torment them both together. My double-ended dildos have never been so happy! And watching them suck each other off while in chastity was a very cruel thrill.

One of the biggest negs about group scenes is that I run out of hands. Especially when I am the only Domme in the room. Everything can take more time as I run from body to body, juggling rope, toys, and lube and trying to keep each slave occupied. But I love having bodies on all sides of me, touching, teasing and torturing them in whatever fashion my wandering hands desire. In an ideal world I would have a fetch boy or girl at the ready to help me with the equipment and bondage miscellany, leaving me to mastermind the scene and do the more difficult, hands-on work with each person. When a big scene like that goes off well, and I am truly the captain of a small army of slaves for an hour or so, the power high is incomparable. I walk away feeling absolutely superhuman and am usually floating for at least a day afterwards. Plus watching a room full of gorgeous, highly aroused people orgasm at the same time is pretty f-ing amazing, no matter where you are in the hierarchy. So although I don’t have the time to organize group scenes all the time, they inevitably are one of the highlights of my month.

NB: I am going to start organizing more group scenes for sexy females. Interested lady-subs, please email me at darcy@mistressdarcy.com to inquire.

Goddess.Aviva Foot.Worship Bondage.Femdom

I am thrilled to welcome my longtime friend and co-conspirator to the Pro scene: Goddess Aviva. She is a 22 year old tiger who is well-familiar with domination and submission but has only recently decided to take it Pro. In her own words to me on the phone the other day, “it’s about expressing myself when and how I need to, and my lifestyle pets just can’t keep up with me anymore.”

Aviva and I will be sessioning out of my studio in the financial district. Obviously she is f**king hot, but if you think you can get away with anything simply because she’s young, you’re in for a scare. She is a tyrannous ice queen one second and a teasing kitten the next. It’s really inspiring to watch her in public flicking off the men who swarm around her wherever we go. I learned some of my best arrogance from her.

Her top interests include: bondage, foot fetish, stocking and shoe fetish, cross dressing, role-play, spanking, light CP, humiliation, dog/slave/furniture training, GS, trampling, and non-sensual worship. As you know some of MY top interests are heavy D/s, psych-dom, roleplay, toilet training, humiliation, public, CP/caning, age play, medical/electric, bondage, and chastity. Between the two of us there’s at least 6 different ways on that list that we can change your life.

Email me to inquire about doubles – darcy@mistressdarcy.com


I am offering a special type of session while I’m in London this next trip. I will bring with me an assortment of gorgeous vintage lingerie outfits, and will be delivering a vintage caning experience as well. There are two levels of session: a 30-minute minimal warm-up punishment scene, and a one hour warm-up with roleplay. Teacher, babysitter, older sister, mother, and school bully are all on the menu. If you were ever strapped, caned or spanked by a hot female teacher, you know the indescribable blend of humiliation, pain, shame, and delight that accompanies it. You think you were the only one feeling it? I would say a good many teachers went out of their way to pull your pants down. And yes I know that’s an incendiary statement. Regardless, I need no reason to punish you. And I’m sure you will furnish plenty of confessions in the moment to fuel my stroke. After all, I’ve been trained in traditional English cane administration. Your lessons will be sorely learned this time.

Humiliation sluts and sissy-cuck fetch boys: I’ve picked up a few new English Bulls since my last trip and am eager to try them out. Most of them are fairly uninterested in my slaves: they want me as fast and furious as possible, whether you’re in the room or not. But take heed, one of them in particular is very cruel. The last time I brought him into session he spit on my slave and kicked his backside quite hard because the slave was getting in the way of my Bull taking his pants off. And when you have a hard, 8-inch cock, you need a wide berth when you decide to disrobe.

Email me at darcy@mistressdarcy.com for details and availability. I’ll be based in a fully equipped space in Chiswick for most of the trip, but have access to other dungeons around town as well. Anyone interested in a smattering of my cuckolding fantasies can read them here: mistressdarcy.com/Fantasies/

So buy yourself a new chastity cage and let’s make a date. It’s about time we had a nice, romantic night together…you’ll just forgive me if I bring along someone else more attractive than you.

Back in December I posted about roleplay on the Maxfisch boards. I generally integrate some form of psychological power play into my sessions, so naturally roleplay is something that comes up a lot. Plus it’s just fun! I can pretty much accommodate any weird fantasy scenario, but on occasion I need some fresh inspiration. My post generated some excellent ideas from slaves, both publicly on the board and with the scenes I received via email. I did promise a winner though…based totally on my subjective fancy.

After reading everything that came through, I have to say I am most excited by I_scream4u and his unique and creative fantasy about a Mother bird feeding a baby bird. So congratulations, you’re the winner! Feel free to take me up on the free session later this month, email is best but I’ll send you a pm right now as well. However, I am adding my own twist (I hope you didn’t think I was kidding in the post). If we are going to do something let’s do it right! Mommy bird’s don’t just *chew* their food before feeding it back to the baby. It’s already mostly digested…here is his baby bird fantasy, take a look and have a wild guess as to what I have planned.

Second place goes to curiguy for his very erotic tale of relationship therapy. I love any story where the man’s girlfriend has dumped him. Your prize is a dinner with me at some point, wherein you can expound upon the roleplay in person. I’d like to hear what specifically caused the “breakdown” in your fantasy relationship to begin with, and what exact outfit I would be wearing as the therapist.

Anyone else with particularly imaginative or captivating fantasies for roleplay…send them along! darcy@mistressdarcy.com