A lovely (and pretty damn accurate) account of a session I had with a slave last month. He wrote it because he wanted to “live through every memory again and again” and the best way to do that was to immortalize it on paper. I thought it was well-written so I decided to repost.


The 25th Floor



He looks up at the towering citadel of glass wondering which room is hers. The building is perfectly cylindrical, windows reflecting the powerful rays of the mid afternoon sun. He dials her number.  A robotic voice says he must identify himself before he can be connected. He speaks the word “doggie” into the phone.  His call is passed along to a woman on the 25th floor.

“Hello?” she purrs into the receiver.

“Hello Mistress Darcy. It’s doggie.  I’m downstairs.”

“Don’t come up yet”, her voice has a hint of steel in it. “I’m not ready.”

“That’s OK Ma’am.  I can wait down here.”

“Yes wait for a few minutes and I will call you back”, she says a bit more gently.

“Yes Ma’am”, he replies.

“Just chill.”  Her voice is warm now with a hint of laughter.  He waits across the street looking up at the hotel.  Time passes very slowly. His phone rings.

“OK come up. I’m in room 2504.”

“Yes Ma’am. I’ll be right there.” He says almost breathlessly.

He crosses the street and enters the hotel. Passing the front desk trying not to be noticed he steps into the elevator and presses 25.  A middle aged woman with a southern drawl complains that the heat is taking its toll. Doggie nods and tells her he always walks on the shady side of the street. She gets off on 5 and he spends the rest of the ride alone with his thoughts.

The elevator opens to reveal a line of identical black doors lining a long corridor. Doggie follows the signs. He rings the buzzer for 2504 and the door opens by itself.  He steps into an empty hotel suite. The door closes to reveal Mistress Darcy standing behind it. She is dressed in a red latex bodysuit that hugs her shapely form like a glove and a pair of thigh high, black platform boots with six inch stiletto heels.  Her skin is porcelain white, her eyes emerald green. Thick brown hair falls lustrous around her shoulders. He is stunned by her beauty and finds himself unable to speak. She points to the floor and he instinctively knows to kneel.

“Good boy”, she says her ruby lips spreading into a smile.

She comes over to him and runs her fingers through his hair. “Hello doggie, nice to meet you. You are a doggie aren’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am”.  A delicious sinking feeling envelops him. He closes his eyes.

“You are already gone aren’t you?” she says smiling at him and looking deep into his soul.

“Yes Ma’am.  It’s been so long. I really need this!”

“Shhhh…don’t talk” she says putting a finger to her lips.

“I’ve wanted to meet you for so long. You are even more beautiful than your pictures!”

“You really can’t help it can you?” she says smiling and holding his eyes.

He realizes his mistake and falls into silence. “Good boy”. She walks over to the couch and sits down.  “Take off all your clothes”, she softly commands. When he is naked she beckons to him. “Come here and put your head on my leg”. Doggie does as he’s told. She smells wonderful. He loves the feeling of her fingers running through his hair. He looks up at her and dissolves in her luminous green eyes.

“You said you’ve been under a lot of stress lately didn’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am. It’s been pretty intense.”

“Poor doggie.  You try so hard don’t you?” She runs her fingers over the back of his neck. “I’m going to take you away from all that. For the next two hours nothing matters but what happens in this room. Is that clear?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“I want you to open up and let it all go. I will take you far away to never never land.”  She takes his chin between her fingers and pulls his face close to hers. “I will probably make you cry.”

At this he closes his eyes. “Yes Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am.” In that moment he gives himself over to her completely.  It’s been so long since he felt like this. It’s indescribably sweet.

Her face is so close he thinks she is going to kiss him. Instead she spits full in his face. He is startled but he lets her saliva hang from his face without attempting to wipe it off.

“Lick it off” she commands. He sticks out his tongue and licks off what he can reach.

“Open your mouth.” He opens his mouth and she spits inside of it. He swallows.

“Have you ever worn a dog collar before?”

“No Ma’am”

“Really? I’m surprised. Well you are going to wear one for me!”

She goes to the dresser and removes a studded dog collar from the drawer. He bows his head as she locks it around his neck. She attaches a leash to the collar.

“Now stand up”, she commands curtly.

She takes his cock and balls in her hand and straps a little grey box around them. He shudders with pleasure at her touch.

“Do you know what this is?”

“No Ma’am”

“This is a real electric dog collar. Kneel down.”  He obeys.  She plays with the remote control in her hand. “Did you feel that?”  A ripple of electricity courses through him.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. That is just to get your attention. When you feel that and you are across the room you come to me.  When you are already close to me and you feel that you respond with ‘yes Ma’am’. Is that clear?”

Again he feels the current buzz between his legs. “Yes Ma’am” he replies with a smile.

“Good boy. If you fail to do as I command you will feel this.” A sharp shock cuts through his cock and balls. He gasps involuntarily. She smiles.

“Did you feel that?”

“Y-Yes Ma’am. T-thank you Ma’am!” he stammers.

“You’re welcome boy. Are the rules of obedience clear to you now?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She turns around and tugs on his leash.  “Good. Come to me”. He crawls to her on hands and knees. She presents her beautiful, tight, firm ass to his worshipful gaze.  He plants a kiss of abject devotion on one perfect alabaster cheek.

“Don’t kiss it just sniff it understand?”

He feels electricity buzz between his legs and replies with a dreamy “yes Ma’am”. He inhales her delicious fragrance. His nose is as close to her ass as it can get without actually touching it.

“Good boy. Now follow my ass.” she commands.   She pulls him on the leash towards the bedroom door. He tries to keep his nose as close to her ass as he possibly can as he follows her. When she reaches the door she knocks.

A wave of panic courses through him.  Doggie suddenly realizes they are not alone in the hotel suite.


The door opens to reveal a young woman lounging on the bed. She is dressed in a red and white corset, white stockings and red stiletto pumps. She gets up and walks over to doggie with a smirk on her pretty young face.

“Who do we have here?” she asks.

“Doggie this is Mistress Clarissa. Mistress Clarissa this is doggie. He is a very well behaved pooch. Watch.”

Doggie feels electricity vibrate through his genitals.

“Yes Ma’am!” he chirps, looking up at Darcy.

She zaps him again.

“Yes Ma’am!”

And again.

“Yes Ma’am”

“Good boy!” she says with a wicked smile.

Clarissa laughs. “Yes I see what you mean!”

“That was after only 10 minutes of training!”, Darcy announces proudly. “Get on the bed doggie. I want you on your knees with your doggie ass in the air!”

Doggie obeys. Lying before him on the bed are three floggers; a soft leather flogger with long supple tresses, a heavy cat with massive thick braids and a nasty looking rubber flogger with knotted ends. Several ominous looking rattan canes are neatly arranged next to the floggers.

“I am going to take you somewhere else doggie. Never never land. Are you ready?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good boy. Mistress Clarissa hold his hands for comfort while I get him warmed up please.”

Clarissa takes his hands. The first strokes fall. Darcy is using the soft flogger. Nothing doggie can’t handle. It is sweet to feel the whip falling on his buttocks and back.

“It’s been a long time hasn’t it doggie?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“How long did you say it’s been since your last session?”

“Four years Ma’am.”

“We must make up for lost time!”

The first whip has almost no bite but plenty of thud.  Mistress Darcy works on him for several minutes warming him up. In the background he can hear her giving Clarissa pointers.  He realizes Darcy is performing a teaching demonstration.  Clarissa takes the whip to try it out for herself.  Darcy has him lie down on the bed and holds his hand while Clarissa lays into him the flogger.

“Is that little pervert humping the bed?” asks Mistress Clarissa with amusement.

“I’m not sure. He could be writhing in agony. Doggie are you humping or writhing?”

“I’m writhing Ma’am” he replies. In truth doggie does not know what he was doing.  He is somewhere else now; connected to reality by only a tenuous thread.

“Good boy. We will put that little doggie dick to good use later.” Darcy runs her fingers over his ass. It feels feverish to her touch. “Oh yes these cheeks are getting nice and rosy! You have a juicy butt do you know that doggie?” she says giving his buttocks a salacious pinch.

“Thank you Ma’am!”

“You’re welcome bitch. Now get up and stand by the window.”

Doggie gets up from the bed with difficulty. He feels stoned and wobbly. Darcy guides him with a hand on his shoulder until he is right where she wants him. Then she pulls back the curtains. Skyscrapers tower in front of him and on either side. Rows of windows stare back at him. He is up so high. He is playing on the edge of the world. The 25th floor. So fucking high.

“You see that world out there doggie?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“That world doesn’t exist. The only thing real is inside this room.”

Darcy takes one of his nipples between her fingers and squeezes hard .Waves of painful pleasure shoot all the way down to his toes. He groans deliriously as she uses her fingernails to dig even deeper. His cock responds to her ministrations by springing to attention.

“Good boy”  She purrs.  “Ok doggie stand up tall with your hands against the glass. Move your feet back. Back farther. Present that ass for me. Yes that’s right. They call this whip the “Angel Maker” because of the marks it leaves.”

The first blow lands hard. It takes his breath away. The thud is enormous with plenty of sting behind it.

“Thank you Ma’am!” he gasps.

“You’re welcome bitch. Get ready for  the next one!”

The lashes fall like relentless crashing surf on doggie’s buttocks and back. Doggie groans and cries out but he keeps his hands pressed against the glass. He is on display for all the world to see.  He hears Darcy explain something to Clarissa but he can’t understand what she is saying. The circuitry in his brain has been re-wired. Nothing is making much sense anymore.  The first cut of the rubber whip rips an agonized scream from his lips. It tears into his flesh again and again. Tears well up in his eyes. He screams plaintively but holds his position until Mistress Darcy is finished. Then he is somehow back on the bed and she is tenderly stroking him.

“You are doing really well doggie. We are reaching the end of your punishment. Have you seen one of these before?” Darcy picks up a rattan cane and holds it up for him to see.

“Y-yes Ma’am.”

“Have you ever been caned before?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good then you know what to expect. Up on your knees. Present that ass.”

The first stroke is harsh but it is only the beginning. Darcy builds the intensity of his caning gradually. Clarissa holds his hand while Darcy applies the cane.  He cries out as the strokes cut deeply into his already inflamed ass cheeks. He thanks her for every stroke as she builds to a crescendo. Something inside him snaps. A dam bursts. Tears fill his eyes until he cannot see.

“That’s right. Let it all out. It’s ok” she whispers to him. “Such a sweet juxtaposition; tenderness and cruelty”, she says stroking his hair.

Clarissa tries her hand at the cane while Darcy instructs her in the subtle aspects of the art. Doggie endures volley after volley until he is spent and exhausted. He is no longer in this world. He has gone somewhere else. Never never land.

“Ok Doggie these are the last ten strokes. They are going to be very hard. Are you ready?”

“Yes Ma’am” doggie responds deliriously.


“Thank you Ma’am!”


“Oh God thank you Ma’am!”


“Oh! Oh! Thank you Ma’am!”


“Uhhngh! T-thank you Ma’am!”


“Owwww oh thank you so much Ma’am!!”

“How many is that doggie? Five or six?”

“I don’t know Ma’am! I’m sorry!”

“It’s five. Here’s six!”

“S-s-six thank you Ma’am!”


“Oh!!!! Thank you so much Ma’am!”

“How many is that doggie?”

“Seven or eight Ma’am I lost count.”

“It’s seven. You have three more to go. They are going to really hurt! Ready?”

A vicious volley of cane strokes land on doggie’s ass. He doubles over in agony. Tears flood his eyes and stream down his cheeks. Mistress Darcy tells him it’s all right and tenderly cradles his head in her lap stroking his hair.

“You’ve done well doggie. I’m proud of you. You are a very sweet and submissive little pooch. Your punishment is over. It’s o.k. to cry. Let it all out. Shhhhhh. There there.”


Doggie obediently kneels and kisses Darcy’s boots to thank her for his punishment. He follows her out of the bedroom to the living room on his hands and knees. She is getting something out of the dresser when he feels the familiar vibration in his cock and balls.

“Yes Ma’am” he calls weakly.

“When you feel that from across the room you’re supposed to come to me!”

“I’m sorry Ma’am!  I’m so spaced out.”

“Well it won’t happen again!”

“No Ma’am” doggie replies with trepidation

“You know how I know that? Because I’m taking it off. Come here.”

Doggie crawls over to her and she tells him to stand. She removes the electrified dog collar from his cock and balls and replaces it with attachments wired to a TENS unit. Her fingers tease him unbearably causing him an agony of desire.

“Lie across the settee doggie.”  She commands. She dons a pair of latex gloves. He cries out in pleasure as she violates him from behind with her fingers.

“See what you get when you’re a good little doggie?”

“Oh! Thank you Ma’am!!” He groans. Her fingers feel impossibly good violating his ass.

“I’m  getting you prepared to take something bigger understand?”

“Yes Ma’am!!”, he replies in a paroxysm of ecstasy. He feels the dildo pressed against his asshole. Then it is sliding deep inside of him making him cry out with pleasure.

“I like this dildo because it does this!”

Doggie screams. A shock rips through his ass followed by another to his cock and balls.  Darcy teases him with her beautiful ass as she increases the voltage. She says something doggie can’t quite understand through his mental fog.

“What did you say Ma’am?”, he stammers.

“I said you can kiss my bottom now. Poor doggie. You lost your chance!”

Darcy spits copiously in his face and he knows her spit will be his only reward for the moment.
Doggie lies obediently across the settee while Darcy shows Clarissa how to use the TENS unit. They use it to shock him again and again making him howl.

“Doggie are you ticklish?”

“Umm yes Ma’am I think so.”

“We will soon find out. Mistress Clarissa hold him down!”

Clarissa holds doggie down and Darcy proceeds to tickle him mercilessly, first on his ribs then on his feet.

“Oh please have mercy Ma’am!  Not the feet! Anything but the feet!!!”

Doggie dissolves into hysterical laughter. Clarissa joins in the tickling and they both hold him down. By now he is out of his mind but his tormentors don’t let up.

“He is such a silly doggie isn’t he?” says Darcy. Both Mistresses are giggling now.

Doggie is given no quarter. Finally he is laughing so hard the dildo goes flying out of his ass. There is no hope of continuing the scene. Everyone is laughing too hard.

“Did my tickling cause the dildo to go flying out of your ass slave?” asks Darcy still helpless with mirth.

“Yes Ma’am! I was laughing so hard I squeezed it out!”

“Go wait for me in the tub you silly doggie”.

He obediently crawls into the bathtub, lies down and waits for her. She enters the bathroom and stands over him. Doggie is hypnotized as she slowly pulls the latex crotch of her body suit aside. He stares up at the glorious sight of her pussy inches from his head.

“What do you say bitch?”

“Thank you so much Ma’am!” Doggie is transfixed. He would happily die like this.

“How long did you say it was since your last session?”

“Four years Ma’am.”

“Wecome back!”

Mistress Darcy smiles as she pisses directly into his open mouth. He swallows and opens again to receive more of her precious nectar. The memory of her standing over him like this will haunt his dreams. This is where he belongs.  Finally she lets loose a torrential downpour. He is forced to close his eyes or risk being blinded. He leaves his mouth open to catch what he can. The golden shower washes over him and carries him far away.