Errand Boy Secretary

I have an opening for a fit, smart and capable submissive to serve me in New York City roughly 2-10 hours per week. The official title is errand boy, if male, or secretary, if female or TS/TV/CD. Job responsibilities may include: DIY, research, gopher-type tasks, cleaning, shopping lists, light admin, driving, equipment and studio maintenance, organization and general support and assistance when I need it. I have found the best situations are when I craft the details of the service position around the person, not the other way around.

While I do occasionally “play” with my personal servants (play is a misleading term for the way I dominate, but still), it is completely at my discretion and largely based on how attractive and annoying/not annoying I find you. Age, looks, and health ultimately have less to do with how attractive you are than your psychology. If you expect BDSM activities, you won’t get them. If you help me out with a sense of generosity and joy, you’ll find yourself edging your way to the top of my priority list. This usually takes several weeks at least, so the most important thing is to feel an urge to contribute to my life. I offer an accepting, mature, compassionate environment for my servants, though I am very strict when my orders are not followed.

If you are a service-oriented male or female submissive seeking an alpha Female guiding force in your life, or a helpful and capable young switch or newbie with a desire to assist a hot female, I welcome your application. Please email as follows to


Errand boy (if male)

Secretary (if female or TS/TV/CD)


No more than three sentences about your previous experience relevant to the job position. Applications longer than this will be ignored. Don’t tell me about your individual BDSM interests outside of a desire to serve. That’s a phase two discussion.

One sentence detailing general availability in NYC: times/dates, etc.

Note any references you have from previous Dom/mes. Include their name, email and phone.

Note if you have a vehicle or not (bike, car, truck, etc).

Note your location: must be in the tri-state area.

Include three photos of yourself, including a clear face photo and a clear body photo. I will delete all photos after reading. I have no interest in congesting my hard drive with your personal information.