I know you want to confess your crush on me. It’s not just a fantasy, it’s REAL, these feelings you’re suffering. Maybe you’re losing motivation at work while ogling my website, or tossing in bed at night wishing it were me next to you. Am I the leading lady in your wank sessions? Or maybe you just find yourself comparing every woman you’re with to me, and finding she inevitably falls short.

It’s time to TELL ME about it! Valentine’s Day is coming up and there’s never been a better time. I will be posting the very best love letters, tribute songs, poems, and gift images online for the world to see. All writings will remain anonymous, but I want to give everyone a chance to read your words of devotion and understand how much I mean to you. The best of the bunch will go up here in the News section, and on twitter. All gifts may be dropped off in person with me in New York. Slaves in London can get them to my assistant who will then mail them to me before Valentine’s Day.

AND A LITTLE BONUS: Whoever gets me the nicest gift/poem/card etc, to be decided by me obviously, gets to take me to dinner in the next month at a restaurant of my choosing. I’m so generous!

Happy Valentine’s Day, boys.

It’s that very special time of year when you spend way too much money on assorted useless red crap and drugstore chocolate that your wife or girlfriend is probably dissatisfied with anyway. Or–even worse–you walk the streets bitter and single, grumbling at every couple holding hands while gingerly flexing yours in your pockets after over-wanking the night before.

So here’s an idea: if you’re in a relationship, make your partner a wonderful dinner at home for $20 with a few candles on the table; draw her a bath and rub her feet; fuck her and make her believe she loves you. Because its probably true. Then take all of your pent-up urges and anxiety and call me. Take the extra cash you saved and spoil me. Take the initiative and make my day special. I’ll remember.

It’s the best way to be a part of my life on this potentially very frustrating holiday. I think of each and every one of my slaves every time I use something they’ve given me: slave G when I carry my coach bag; slave T when I wear my silk scarf; slave W when I smell my Chanel perfume; dear sweet neil whenever I wear one particular pair of Louboutins.

Below you will find my Valentines Day Wishlist. And of course anyone who wants to indulge me with something on this list will get an audience with me since I want you to deliver it in person, whether you’ve booked a session or not. A foot massage when you arrive will score you major bonus points.

Happy Valentines Day. See you at my feet.

Really thrilled to be getting back to some of my favorite European cities, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. I love New York–don’t get me wrong–but there is something that is undeniably refined about English men; irresistibly sexy about French men; incorruptibly sincere about Irish men. At least the ones who are brave enough to contact me! And all the fabulous accents….they get me in the panties every time. It seems only appropriate to be spending one of my favorite holidays back in my favorite cities–with a few of my favorite slaves at my feet.

Dublin: February 11-13 – I’ll be staying at a gorgeous newly renovated hotel near Temple Bar. I’m already about half booked, so you should get in touch sooner than later. Especially since it’s the first stop on the tour.

London: February 13-21 – This time it’s only a week in my home away from home, but I intend to rape and pillage my address book to the absolute fullest. We have Torture Garden Valentine’s Weekend, both the pre-party on the 15th 0t the HMS President (maybe attending) and the Valentines Ball at the Coronet on the 16th (definitely attending). I’ll be catching up with friends through most of the weekend, but already have arrangements to see several slaves in session between the 17th-20th. I’ll be staying at a very well equipped, gorgeous dungeon in Chiswick (if you’ve seen me in London, you’ve probably seen me there) and will have 24/7 access to the dungeon facility and equipment.

Paris: February 21-24 – It’s been about a year since I last visited Paris, and it is LONG overdue. I’m holed up at a lovely hotel suite in Bercy with several chauffeurs and personal slaves tending to my needs–Shopping trip with Maitresse Darcy? Dinner overlooking the Seine? Locked up in chastity while I go dancing with my Parisian Bull? Well….if you insist.

MY TRAVEL KIT for the trip:

  • Cocks and plugs
  • Electro-fuckery
  • Sissie wardrobe
  • Canes, floggers, paddles
  • Chastity belts
  • Medical and dental accessories
  • Leather gloves and wardrobe
  • Latex boots and catsuits
  • Enema bags
  • Diapers and AB toys
  • Clamps, clips, gags, grips and straps

When I am at the dungeon in London I will obviously have a more in-depth selection. Suspension, fucking machine, cages, medical room, heavy rubber and leather bondage, vac bed, etc. So get in touch soon to book: by the time I arrive I am almost always full up with sessions. The best way is email:

And if any of you are interested in getting me a Valentine’s gift please see my Valentine’s Wishlist above. My wishlist is ever-evolving. But I think about each and every slave who has gotten me a gift every time I use it. Just another way to be a part of my life daily. Cucks and sissies are MORE than welcome to offer to take me shopping before my various dates on the trip as well. I have several Bulls lined up, and I need to look my best for them. Valentine’s Day is after all, only once a year.