Liz Taylor Diamonds

Goddess Elizabeth Taylor

Nothing says love like precious gems, so when you’re ready to show your Goddess exactly how much you cherish her, be sure to follow this step-by-step guide. Messing up any one of these aspects of the jewelry ritual could mean your Domme doesn’t feel your love like you intended, and you might end up making a very expensive mistake! But if you get it right, you will stand out from all her other suitors. Speaking from experience: the right piece of jewelry in the right way will make your Goddess remember you forever.

Goddess Audrey Hepburn


Find out what your Goddess’ favorite colors are. Ask in general, and at a later time also find out specifically what her favorite jewelry choices are. Does she like silver, gold, or rose gold? Does she like diamonds or emeralds? What are the jewels and precious metals she wears the most?

Marilyn Monroe Diamonds

Goddess Marilyn Monroe


Ask your Goddess outright: “Ma’am, if you were to receive jewelry as a gift, would you prefer rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or something else?” Look at her jewelry collection if you have access to her bedroom (and you feel it might be appropriate to take a peek), and assess what her tastes are so that you can stay in the family of things she likes. It is also totally reasonable to ask her to prepare a Pinterest board or “look book” of jewelry she wants. It is effort on her part, but if you are about to make an investment of several thousand, you need to get it right. And trust me: she won’t mind making the effort.

If you are unable to buy REAL precious gems, you can settle for costume jewelry. I love costume jewelry, personally, and am not elitist about it. For business meetings and day wear, however, I prefer real jewels (diamonds, emeralds, etc.) so it’s good to have a range.

Rita Hayworth Diamonds

Goddess Rita Hayworth


Go somewhere reputable if you are buying precious gems and be sure to get a gift receipt! Just in case she wants a different color or style. Again: it’s likely several thousand you’re spending, so you want to make sure you get it right. If you are buying costume jewelry make sure it is good quality costume jewelry and won’t just fall apart. Nothing is more embarrassing than buying a gift which breaks shortly after you deliver it.

If you purchase something on sale, you better be DAMN SURE it is perfect for her. Does it match her favorite colors and styles? Is it something she has on her wish list or Pinterest board? If not, be ready to take the gamble that she will be disappointed.

Lauren Bacall Pearls

Goddess Lauren Bacall


Every single time you present jewelry to a woman, you must either make sure it’s in a nice box, pouch or bag of some kind, or that you have prepared the environment around you to act as the “dressing” for you to give it to her by hand. Don’t just come up to her in the bathroom when she’s putting on makeup and hold out a chain. Make it a sacred moment between the two of you. Charge it with some emotional weight and power, as you have made quite the investment of time and money by now and deserve to finish the ritual properly!

Your Goddess will appreciate that you took the time not only to select the perfect piece for her, but that you made sure to set the scene. Some options to aid your setting are: low lighting, candles, music, a lunch or dinner, a surprise in bed while she relaxes with a formal breakfast or tea service. You can present on your knees even if it’s not an engagement ring: your Goddess will appreciate the gesture of chivalry, especially if you’re a submissive.

Sophia Loren Diamonds

Goddess Sophia Lauren


Be sure to offer it with an air of gratitude, and don’t expect anything in return except a smile from her. You might offer a few words as well, like “thank you for being the perfect woman, and inspiring me everyday with your natural beauty. These jewels only highlight what is already flawless elegance.”

She will read in your eyes that you are being authentic, and the fact that you ask nothing in return will make her want to give you everything.


The author showcasing a few recently acquired diamonds. Thanks, slave!



Femdom Alpha Confidence

I sat down to lunch recently with the brilliant blonde, Mistress Troy, and over the course of two hours and several of the finest light courses at The Standard, we covered just about everything I had been wanting to talk to her about. It’s always refreshing to spend time with another respected Femdom professional. There’s only a few colleagues I feel comfortable enough with to talk shop, trade stories, ask advice, and crack jokes (how many slaves does it take to screw in a lightbulb? one to do it and six more to redo it properly), and Mistress Troy is definitely one of them. Out of all the ProDommes in New York City Troy is one of the women who has been practicing the longest, and her reputation is top-drawer. I was reminded of why her clients love her when we met: she is kind, intelligent, well-spoken, confident, and very down to Earth.

At first glance, humility, kindness and authenticity might seem like weakness, but in fact they are quite the opposite. It takes supreme confidence to be authentic and not feel the need to “play the part” of a dominant female. The woman who can let her natural beauty and power simply radiate without forcing it out into her environment is far more magnetic than the woman who feels the need to “show it.” I’m acquainted with many of the more renowned Mistresses in the industry, and the ones who have the best reputations, generally speaking, also happen to be superb human beings. It takes a lot of energy to run a thriving business and maintain your health, appearance and wardrobe, and the Dommes who do all those things successfully usually don’t have time or inclination to disparage the competition.

Nor do they need to! Mistress Troy and I have quite a few things in common (I like to think), not least of which is the fact that we are both fielding a constant stream of session requests. I try not to interfere in the business or reputations of any of my Femdom colleagues because it’s important to support women in business, not to mention women in general. It’s also helpful that my area of expertise as a young psychological dominant and intelligent, lifestyle D/s practitioner minimizes my competition. Granted, my steady income goes a long way towards helping me feel confident, but at the same time I have built my steady income as a direct result of my confidence. It’s a chicken and egg dichotomy in some ways, but at any time we can choose to embrace our good qualities, take a deep breath, and put our kindest, most authentic foot forward.

Try it next time you’re in the company of greatness. I guarantee you’ll come off as more confident–not less.