Prospective Clients

Mistress Darcy is a formally trained dominatrix based in New York who offers real time domination and fetish sessions. Her specialty is D/s, and to that end she has experience with most of the activities listed on her BDSM page. Though she does accommodate fetish lovers, masochists, bottoms, kink explorers and other non-submissives, please make a note of this in your application so that she can craft the session accordingly. Her ideal client is intelligent, polite, and thoroughly sane. Most of the people who contact her are submissive males between the ages of 18-50, though she is also happy to see older submissives and can always create new experiences for even the most seasoned player. Women and couples are another of Mistress Darcy specialties; she loves empowering dominant women who want to take command with their partners and disempowering submissive women who want to surrender to another gorgeous female. For any woman interested in a session, please know that Darcy will prioritize you over other appointments. All prospective clients note that Mistress Darcy does not offer sex, sexual acts, or nudity in any capacity. She won't see you if you disrespect her time or her boundaries. To see more photos of her you may purchase a Club Darcy membership.

Real Time Sessions

The best way to serve Mistress Darcy is in a real time session. Use the application to the right to apply to serve: do not send an unsolicited email. If you are a new client you must provide at least one reference. Mistress Darcy sometimes accepts phone or cam sessions depending on her schedule, but it is not a guarantee. To request a phone or cam session you may fill out the application to the right and ignore the section on references. Mistress Darcy is not available on Niteflirt, IM chat, or Clips4sale, nor does she film or shoot custom clips. She may wish to speak to you on the phone in the booking process after you complete your application. Always leave a voicemail when you call: she does not return missed calls. You should never text a Domme unless she has given you express permission and unsolicited texts will be deleted. All sessions are professional; please respect Mistress Darcy boundaries and do not ask to see her in a personal context. Non-session inquiries and returning clients may use email for contact. Do not cold call with session requests.

New York

All New York sessions are conducted in Mistress Darcy private studio in Brooklyn. She has a strict screening process for new clients in New York: you must either provide a reference from another independent Domme who has seen you in the last five years, or you must be available for a $100 paid consultation before the session (the $100 fee does not count towards the session tribute). The consultation typically takes place in a cafe and lasts roughly 20 minutes, giving Mistress Darcy a chance to interview you and decide if you are safe to admit to her studio. When in New York she accepts appointments as early as 7am and as late as 10pm. Mistress Darcy needs at least several days' notice before booking. She does not take same day appointments: you must schedule in advance.

Other Cities

When Mistress Darcy travels outside of New York she conducts sessions from either her hotel room or a local dungeon-for-hire. Mistress Darcy usually stays in large, conveniently-located hotels and travels with quite a bit of personal equipment. If she rents a dungeon she always uses a friend's space so as to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the environment. Mistress Darcy requires deposits on all sessions when she travels with the exception of clients who have been seeing her for several years. In addition to seeing slaves, Darcy loves the thrill of travel for its own sake. Some of her frequent haunts include: London, Dublin, Paris, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, and Denver. If you are in another city and want to bring Mistress Darcy to see you, please fill out the application form above and note that you would like to arrange for her to visit. You will need to provide airfare and money for a suitable hotel in advance of the session, as well as listing at least one reputable reference who Mistress Darcy can contact on your behalf. Favorite leisure destinations include Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas, Geneva, Berlin, Shanghai, Barcelona, Venice, and Hawaii.

Selection Process

Mistress Darcy does not see everyone who contacts her. If you are disrespectful or do not follow her application and screening process, there is no room for you in her schedule. It is in your best interests to be polite, honest, intelligent and articulate when you apply. If you meet these basic tenets you have a very good chance of seeing Mistress Darcy in session.