Hot time.

She was very good at teasing me. She had a vibrator and moved it all over my body making me squirm and get rock hard. I couldn’t get away b/c I was tied up. She showed off that luscious ass in those jeans but wouldn’t let me touch most of the time. It was excruciating. Finally I was able to touch that round bottom. I already couldn’t take anymore and was ready to cum but she removed the vibrator from my cock and all that was there were a few drops dripping out of the end. She slowly removed her jeans to show her ass. I begged her to let me cum. She let me hold her ass and put the vibrator back on my cock…this time she was not letting up. She stared into my eyes and I melted. She looked at me and asked me to cum…what could I do. Staring into her eyes I shot my load into my hand as she requested. She then looked at me with those eyes again and gently told me to eat it. I had to obey. Overall, very hot. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Again, those pics don’t do her justice.

(Posted by mfizbin on April 1, 2009)