She emits youth, yet experience.

I had the pleasure of meeting her on her last visit to NYC and I have to say that I’m very mad at myself for not finding out about her sooner. She emits youth, yet experience at the same time.

Her photos on her website do her no justice at all. She’s a beautiful, sexy woman who really knows how to dress if you like a sexy teasing type session. She’s fun, open-minded, has a very nice personality and very comfortable to be around. I didn’t get into any intense type of session, but she knew protocol and was an absolute ACE at T&D and bondage. When she visits again and my schedule works with hers, seeing her is about as sure a thing as it could get. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about her except that she was short on time (leaving for London) and I had to settle for a 30-minute session. It wasn’t nearly enough time with her. If you haven’t seen her, you’re missing out on a doozie!

(Posted by uppereastside on January 26, 2010)