She really is phenomenal.

I had my first session with Mistress Darcy last week. It will not be my last, She loves role-play and lists many possible scenarios on her website. We picked a first date role-play, where it starts out as a normal date and morphs into a session where she dominates and abuses. She pays attention to detail and stays in character.

I rang her bell and entered her apartment. She greeted me wearing a stunning black dinner dress. She is quite striking and looks exactly like her pictures. We had some typical first date chit chat, during which she eventually told me that she likes men who are outwardly strong and in control, but she believes they are essentially week and can be convinced by her to do things they wouldn’t want to do. I replied that this was interesting, but I doubted it very much. Of course, she proved me wrong.

We went from there to her grazing her fingers over my body with a light touch, to twisting my nipples, to blowing cigarette smoke at me through her beautiful red lips, to her squeezing my balls very tightly, and so on. I was hooked and would basically do anything she wanted.

She tied me up, straddled me and said that this was the position she liked to fuck in, but not with me. I was only there for her amusement. At another point, she was standing very close to me and told me to kiss her. As I moved my lips close to her, she spit at me instead.

She also gave me several glasses of scotch, which she encouraged me to drink. At various points, she added cigarette ash, butts, and her spit to the drink and ordered me to drink. She also told me to empty my wallet for her, which I also did.

The session culminated with me naked, sitting stretched out on the floor of her shower, and she pissed on me while I jacked off.

This was a great and very intuitive first session. She got me into subspace and went from there, and did it all without ever using any extraneous implement. I can’t wait to see where else this will lead.

(Posted by Jimbo20 on May 18, 2011)