She always manages to somehow exceed expectations.

What more can be reiterated about the amazing Mistress Darcy of New York. Maybe I can approach it from a bit of a different angle. This is not a review of my first, or second session with Mistress Darcy. I have had several sessions with her. What prompted me to review was the fact that you just do not “get used to” this Lady. She always manages somehow to exceed expectations, no matter how many times you see her. You think you know how the session will go. You know it will be great, but her sleeve, fully loaded with surprises, will always make it greater than you anticipated. Her creativity and intuition for making every session better than the previous just amazes me.

This occurs in all areas of play that we indulge in, however in our strongest area, which involves her being hydrated (my name gave that away). I’m at a loss for how her capacity increases greatly at every subsequent session. Not in any way that it was lacking, or a small amount at our first session! It was copious to say the least, and I would have been happy with that output at every session. However that is not the case. The hurricane category numbers just keep going higher and higher.

If this is your area of play, You will be in heaven, especially if you think heaven is a golden lake. I do ask her how she does it, and she always replies sweetly, ” That’s my secret, piss monkey, you just lay there and drown.”

So who am I to argue, I just lay there and drown so all you nectar hounds, make your reservations! You’ll thank me in the morning.

Lastly, Mistress Darcy exceeds in all areas of play, so if Mistress hydration is not your thing, there is so much more, and also be warned, she has many gorgeous Mistress friends that are always ready to join the party, and shake up your world.

(Posted by singe de pisse on June 29, 2011)