Cannot recommend highly enough.

I turned up at the prearranged location and rang the doorbell. There’s always a sense of excitement, tinged with nerves when you visit Mistress Darcy. Excitement as you know that the next few hours are going to fulfil your dreams and fantasies; nerves because you are entering the presence of perfection and can’t help but feel a slight sense of inadequacy. The nerves vanish almost immediately upon entering however, as She has an amazing knack of putting you at your ease, thus ensuring you enjoy your time to the full. i had seen Her several times before over the preceding months but it never ceases to amaze me how She manages to look more and more beautiful every time i visit; and as she opened the door, today was no exception.
In today’s role-play Mistress Darcy was playing the part of an incredibly wealthy philanthropist who, through Her rather less-than-salubrious contacts, had discovered an illegal slave trade and decided to order herself a permanent slave. mine was the part of a ‘boob’ who had been kidnapped and delivered to Her in error. After being ushered inside and having it made very clear i was not at all what She wanted, i was shown a picture of the man who should have turned up. i blatantly did not have the physique She had been expecting and was not worth the £500,000 She had paid out! She explained that She was incredibly rich, owned most of the (very nice looking) buildings in the road we were on and that, if i wanted to escape my situation, i would have to do everything i was told or risk being shot by one of her nearby henchmen when i left the building. I was ordered to kneel with my head on the floor while She made some phone calls to her slave trade contacts to find out what had gone wrong. Following a conversation on Her mobile, it transpired that it would take a further two weeks to get the man She wanted. Disgusted, Mistress Darcy arranged to keep me for those two weeks until a satisfactory conclusion could be reached and hung up the phone. Her attention turned back to me and She sat over me as She explained how annoyed She was and that i would now have to accept being the subject of any cruel whim She might have over the next two weeks. She produced some documents and i was forced to sign a slave contract giving Her the legal rights to my body…
The session itself was filled with various activities, some of which i have tried and enjoyed before with Mistress Darcy and some of which She will spring on you as a surprise to expand your limits. For me, the new part came first this time as She produced a metal chastity device and i was forced to squeeze myself inside before She snapped the padlock shut and whipped the key away, laughing. She indulged in Her penchant for pain by bending me over and using several different implements on me, forcing me to count the agonizing strokes through the dirty socks She had strategically placed in my mouth! my hands and feet were bound and She sat over me as She went through my personal belongings, giggling at the picture of me on my driving license and chortling with laughter at the football fixture list in my wallet where, perhaps, a picture of a loved one might have been more appropriate! A big part of the session with Mistress Darcy is being able to look into Her beautiful, mesmerizing eyes and really feel the humiliation as She subjects You to some of the activities such as having Your mouth spat into, drinking a large glass of Her delicious golden liquid or an intense, bound, merciless tickling session, all the while smiling at you, or laughing at you mockingly.
Just when i thought W/we were probably coming to the end of the session, i suddenly got a surprise when i was told that Miss had to go out for an hour or so but there were some tasks that needed doing in Her absence. She gave me a list that included cleaning Her latex clothing and some of her underwear and my heart jumped as i realized i was going to have an opportunity to serve Her, hopefully please Her and to stay around for longer than i had expected! She left me naked, still locked in the chastity device and with cuffs padlocked to my wrists and ankles and disappeared with a warning of ‘no snooping!’, as She locked the door behind Her. Suffice to say, over the course of the next hour, i have never toiled so diligently in my life, desperate as i was to do a good job!
Upon Her return, once She had inspected my work, there was one last thing She asked me to do and it is without doubt my favorite activity with Mistress Darcy: the massaging of Her gorgeous feet. As You can probably tell, i have a thing for feet and Miss has the most exquisite, beautiful little pair that i have had the pleasure of seeing. First i had to remove her leather boots and ankle socks to reveal them in all their splendor. Having been inside those boots, Miss’s feet have a delicate, intoxicating aroma that just sends me off to another plain as i run my fingers over Her smooth soles, eagerly hoping to please Her in the process. It is a nice feeling to sit at the feet of such a Goddess and serve Her and one that You will wish to never end…
i have been into BDSM for many years now and have never really had the desire to revisit any Mistress more than a couple of times. i saw Mistress Darcy for the first time at the start of this year and that has all changed. She is kind and caring, and yet sadistic and cruel. She is incredibly intelligent and takes what She does very seriously. Her role-play i cannot recommend highly enough as it is excellent and you will lose yourself for the duration. As for Her looks, well obviously they are the first thing that drew me to Her when surfing the internet and She is even more stunning in the flesh than the perfection You see in Her pictures. If you’re looking to build an exciting, evolving BDSM relationship, visit Mistress Darcy.

(Posted by nsg1076 on September 7, 2012)