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I hadn’t seen Mistress Darcy for some time, and I missed Her dearly. She is the most pleasant Domina I have ever served. She doesn’t believe in being very strict solely for its own sake, and that means a lot to me. She is naturally Dominant, and Her slaves succumb naturally to Her. She greeted me with a hug. We talked for a bit, and caught up. She looked even sexier than when I’d last seen Her. She was wearing pink tights, which accentuated Her fantastic legs perfectly. I couldn’t wait to kiss those legs! I undressed and knelt before Her. It was SO good to be back where I belonged. She looked at me and told me that I was not to say a word until She gave me permission. I stifled myself immediately. Her adept knowledge of Her slaves allows Mistress Darcy to control them quite well. She knows I like to communicate during the session and She allows it when She decides the time is right. I know it’s important to obey Her, and I do. What’s different about that with Her is the way it feels. I derive great pleasure in heeding Her every word. I’m honored to be one of Her pets. When She tells me that She is pleased with my servitude, I’m fulfilled in a way that doesn’t happen with anyone else.

Mistress Darcy is an expert at bondage. First, She bound my cock & balls. I was as erect as I could be given the situation. It hurt but it felt good to indulge Mistress Darcy in any way I could. Then She got some rope. In just a few minutes, She had me completely immobilized, standing with my hands behind my back. Her level of experience is very obvious. She makes intricate bondage look easy. I couldn’t move so She began torturing my nipples by Hand. She took great delight in my moaning. Mistress Darcy has the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. My heart started racing as I looked into Her eyes while She smiled and tortured me. She loosened some of the rope, had me lie down on my back, then tied me back up again. While in that position, we started electrical play. I was really looking forward to this. It wasn’t my first time but I had never done it in session with Mistress Darcy before. It was difficult to endure since it was electrical CBT and I fidgeted a lot but She helped me through it. She had one Hand on my forehead and the other at the control. It was the perfect combination of nurture and torture. As a reward, She left me bound on the floor while She had me briefly kiss Her gorgeous curvaceous ass in pink tights. I enjoyed it so much that I was dying to thank Her for it but I couldn’t yet. I kept kissing sensually without saying a word. I was very grateful because I know Mistress Darcy doesn’t allow all Her slaves such an indulgence.

Then I was told I could speak sparingly while I was untied. I knew what that meant so I thanked Her immediately. I did so many more times during the session. She walked over to Her chair and sat down. She told me to assume the position, and She spanked me OTK while I counted up to ten. She repeated this four times with very short breaks in between. My ass was sore and dark red when She was finished with it. I knew it would be difficult to sit for some time afterwards. “Thank You, Mistress,” I said again. “Good boy,” She said. I smiled and looked down while She patted my head. My ass was throbbing but all I could think about was Mistress Darcy’s approval. That’s the Power of a True Domina.

She let me worship Her legs and Her delectable size seven feet. At this point, I was allowed to speak freely again. I carefully massaged every inch of her bare feet and Her legs clad in those sexy tights. We talked a bit more but soon enough, Mistress Darcy closed Her eyes and began to relish Her well-deserved servitude. I focused completely on pleasing Her…kissing Her arches and Her toes. I could’ve kept on worshiping Her all night but She had other plans. She commended me on my attention to detail in worship. Between this and Her rewards, I was beaming with all the pride a slave could muster in the Presence of a Goddess. I only thanked Her again and said nothing more but She could tell how I really felt. It was time for Her to put me in my place again. She told me to go to the bathroom and get in the tub. I was to wait for Her there. I promptly did as I was told. Soon after, She walked into the bathroom wearing only a robe. I was lying down on my back in the tub, and She stepped in after taking off the robe. She stood above me so that I could only see Her backside and Her perfect Face when She looked back at me. She said, “Close your eyes, My little slave.” I obeyed. I was frenzied with anticipation. I felt the residual pain in my nipples and ass becoming more intense, and a few seconds later the rush of Her Golden Nectar hit my eyes, nose and mouth. The force of Her GS was even greater than had been described in other slaves’ reviews. I was very quickly drenched and overcome with euphoria. It was the third and so far the best GS I had ever done with Her.

As this was our ninth session, I was allowed privileges that couldn’t be expected from a first session. My first few sessions with Mistress Darcy were somewhat less intense but I always enjoyed every minute in Her Presence. Even with all I experienced in this session, I never saw Her fully nude. I never have. She expects ALL Her slaves to observe proper boundaries. There isn’t a lot of protocol with Mistress Darcy as I have found always found Her to be down-to-earth and approachable. Whichever rules She does mention must be followed. That includes letting the session unfold without asking Her about any activities during the session. All of these questions and suggestions need to be brought up beforehand. Role-play fans should note that Mistress Darcy is one of the all-time greatest Dommes with regards to that as well. She’ll make you believe anything. She is based in Manhattan. She visits London frequently and travels to other locations as well. The dates are listed on Her site. Don’t miss a chance to serve Her!

(Posted by ghf287 on June 9, 2013)