Everything she claims to be.

Met Darcy at her well-equipped studio near Wall Street. She is a very attractive woman who is fit and told me she had recently lost some weight. I had shared some very intimate fantasy scenarios with her prior to our meeting, and was a bit nervous not knowing exactly how far she was going to push me. She started by tying me to a medical table and inflicting some pain with a variety of toys and devices. Blindfolded, I couldn’t be too sure what was going on. She then straddled my face and broke out a vibrator to bring herself to an O inches from my face. Very hot!

For the remaining time she removed me from the table and proceeded to torture me in a variety of ways, until finally ordering me to finish myself off.

Overall I had a great experience and definitely plan to repeat.

(Posted by kittykisser on August 12, 2013)