An awe-inspiring force of nature

A little while ago, I posted about being a newcomer and looking to have my first professional experience. I received a number of very thoughtful responses, including one from Mistress Darcy, and in our discussions I decided to schedule some time with her. And am I glad I did. Over the past week I’ve thought quite a lot about my session with Mistress Darcy and if you’d would indulge me, I’d like to share some thoughts. My apologies if I prattle a bit–excitement has a way of doing that.

Perhaps most on my mind is an unexpected aftereffect: an uncanny sense of strength and resolve, along with a marked lack of fear in everyday life. I know, I know, that’s a bit of an esoteric start for a review, but truth be told that–as a newbie and first timer–that aura was something I just wasn’t expecting, especially considering that in my everyday ‘vanilla’ life, I hardly consider myself a weak or fearful person (quite the opposite really, given how often I’ve been forced to take the lead in family, friend, and work situations). This though, this was different–an intrinsic sensation rather than some external projection, as if some unbreakable, unbendable golden rod is running straight down from the base of my skull, through my body, and into the earth itself.

(It’s worth taking a moment here and (quickly) telling you about my background with BDSM. Yes, I’m a first timer to meeting with a professional Mistress, but from a kink/fantasy perspective, I’ve had BDSM on the brain for twenty years. No joke. I’ve had some light encounters with girlfriends and hookups, and I’ve done plenty of reading/research on my own, but aside from that I am most definitely a virgin when it comes ot in-the-flesh submission)

Throughout this metaphysical transformation, Mistress Darcy was an awe-inspiring force of nature. She was beautiful, chilling, and positively focused in every word and deed. Ahead of time I’d given her a list of my interests and limits, and I was amazed at how well she navigated that very delicate line between playing on my psychological curiosities and pushing my boundaries, and thus bringing me into an entirely new space.

In that way, it was like being a single drop of water facing the entirety of the ocean, and some of our activities together really did terrify me because they made me realize how little control I had. But Mistress Darcy put it best herself: this is a roller coaster, and as scared as you get, you know you will not die. And no, I did not die. Of course not. But it was certainly exhilarating and some of the activities were things I never thought I’d be able to endure, much less enjoy.

All of that said, it was essential for me to “come correct” as the kids say. I’ve seen on this forum (and others) worries that submissives are less interested in submission and more interested in living out some sort of script, putting their own selfishness and close-mindedness ahead of a potential relationship with a Mistress. I’ve seen this stance defended too, and while I won’t condemn anyone who falls into this camp, I will say that Mistress Darcy is probably not the right Mistress for you. Being the intelligent, confident, experienced woman that she is, I can’t imagine more transactional type “submissives” clicking well with her.

I strove to be as polite, thoughtful and receptive as possible–not to mention clean and well-groomed–and I think this attitude on my part paved the way for our excellent experience together. I also took time to ruminate on what D/s means and what it does not mean, and let that be my guiding factor in my behavior. If you don’t know* what D/s is, or don’t care, you also probably will not get along well with Mistress Darcy.

(*If you don’t know but *want* to know, you’re at least a tiny bit better off–but you better get studying)

So there you have it. Thanks again for taking the time to read this little diatribe of mine; I hope it was useful. And for the submissives out there like me, I think I know just who you have to see next: Mistress Darcy.


(Posted by whipsandwhisky on November 4, 2014)