Even more gorgeous in person.

i have had the honor of seeing Mistress Darcy on several occasions. Mistress has many qualities that are obvious from simply looking at her pictures—she is even more gorgeous in person.

More than that—She is truly Dominant. Let me share some details from a recent session…

When Mistress opened the door, i was reminded of Her beauty.

“you have 30 seconds to get undressed” she commanded. I immediately began trying to please her—fumbling with my cufflinks but seemingly accomplishing my first task successfully.

“Very good, bitch. Now thank Me. Kiss my feet”. i was on all fours and dared not to look up. i crawled towards her booted feet and kissed them passionately. i had learned to kiss, but not lick Mistress’ boots.

Mistress collared me and led me to a dog bowl with banana smashed into it. i was instructed to eat the banana without using my hands. as i was working to please Her, Mistress spit into the bowl. Finally, i finished this humiliating task.

Next, i was put into a humbler and commanded to follow Mistress as She walked through her studio. i strained to see her perfect ass as it was peeking below her short latex dress. Eventually she allowed me to get a close look as well as a sniff of her essence.

After tiring of this–Mistress began slapping my face. Soon after, Mistress Darcy inserted a butt plug into my ass and put a hood over my head. Mistress attached a piss gag to the hood. The humiliation and anticipation that this provided is hard to describe.

So with butt plug and piss gag in place, i was instructed to massage Mistress’s gorgeous feet. i remember looking up to see if i was pleasing her. She was the picture of beauty as she relaxed without giving me a moment’s attention.

Eventually, Mistress led me to the bathroom and commanded me into her shower. She allowed me to bring myself to the edge, while she prepared to put the piss gag-and me—to our proper use.

In closing, let me say that Mistress Darcy is a true Goddess. i am so grateful that She has allowed me to serve her.

(Posted by joe on March 10, 2015)