My last session with her was a life changing experience.

I haven’t written one of these for a very long time but at least nobody can accuse me of being a first time poster! grin

It recently dawned on me that I have known Mistress Darcy for three years. During that time our sessions have been few but extremely memorable and I have watched her go from being a great Domme to being a totally amazing one. I session extremely rarely and had stopped altogether for a period of years. When I heard Mistress Darcy was going to be in Philadelphia, however, the desire to meet her was too strong for me to resist.

For our first session I asked Mistress Darcy to help me experience catharsis. She gave me exactly what I asked for. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I drank deep from the cup of sweet oblivion. I had a really amazing time and I realized that Mistress Darcy was someone very special who I wanted to continue seeing. I wrote an extrmely detailed review of that session which appears on her website under the title “The 25th Floor”

They say the third time’s the charm and that certainly proved true in my case. During our third session Mistress Darcy stole my heart and rewired my brain using nothing but her body and a pair of nipple clamps. She brought me very deep during that session and touched me in a way that felt incredibly healing. The positive effects lasted for several weeks afterward and left a little ray of sunshine permanently embedded in my heart.

We played in a private house rather than in a dungeon or at a hotel. That gave our time together a welcome domestic flavor and a touch of the surreal displacement sometimes experienced in dreams. The session felt more intimate than any I had experienced with her before. The activities we indulged in were not complicated; foot worship, nipple torture, spanking to name a few. I felt totally owned during the time we were together and I really loved that! I felt very bonded to Mistress Darcy afterwards.

The after effects of that session were tremendously therapeutic. I found that my Joie de vivre had returned along with my lust for life. On her website Mistress Darcy states that she wants to change your life. I can truthfully report that my last session with her was a life changing experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mistress Darcy! smile

With Deep Devotion,


(Posted by kbb on May 30, 2015)