Bucket List Achievement

I had the opportunity to meet Mistress Darcy at Domcon in Atlanta. We had exchanged emails about a possible session and agreed to meet at the opening party. Mistress Darcy was very gracious during our brief conversation and she said she found me acceptable and would let me know when she would be available for a session.

I arrived at the appointed time and was let into her room. For those of you that have only looked at her photos, the beautiful Goddess standing in front of me dressed in black was overwhelming and breathtaking. After I undressed Mistress had me sit in front of her and she explained the session rules and then we started. First was some boot worship, I love boot worship, then some CBT mixed into things, next it was strapon time, I opened my mouth wide and took as much as possible in happy submission to this Goddess. Then Mistress turned me around and gave me a wonderful fucking. When Mistress finished she told me to get into the bathtub because she was going to baptize me, what a wonderful surprise, she started at my crouch and finished over my mouth, I was a very happy slave. Maybe if there is a next time I’ll hope she’ll park over my mouth and stay there so I and get a full load of her wonderful Golden Nectar.
I left Mistress Darcy for home in a wonderful mood, she is a great Dominatrix.

If any of you want to try a session with Mistress Darcy, go for it, she is worth it, and if you do, approach her with respect deference and politeness and you chance of being granted a session with this Goddess will be greatly enhanced.

Get off your ass and book a session now, Mistress Darcy is one to be experienced.

(Posted by Ron on March 11, 2016)