Fantastic experience. First time with Professional Domme. Had a few prior meetings with others but they were amateurs. Darcy takes control from the get go establishing her space and your role in it. I was a newbie which she could tell easily because I was nervous. She can be at turns warm and then get tough and switch back and forth keeping me on my toes emotionally. Session started with me immediately getting naked and getting a talking to from Mistress Darcy about proper protocol and the way I was to behave in her presence. I had previously told Darcy by email that one of my long time fantasies is to be tied and tickled. She proceeded to tie me spread eagle to the bed which was a turn on. She then looked at me with devious look and said that I was “fucked.” It was too much and more than I could handle so quickly. She saw the real panic and stopped this part, untied me and talked me down. I felt completely humiliated but she was great. Once I recovered she administered some fantastic spanking and then some expert whipping. I loved it. After leaving I felt that I would love to see her again and now that I know her better work through some tied fantasies at slower pace so I can handle it better. She agreed that this can definitely happen. Can’t wait to see her again. Looking forward to both physical and emotional pain/pleasures

(Posted by Mike on June 15, 2016)