Overwhelming, Emotional, Spiritual, and Absolutely Perfect.

I debated with myself whether I should submit this, since I am not a client, but a member of Team Darcy, and my session was a reward for my serving her well and being good for her, but my Mistress deserves this. Well, she deserves everything in the world, but she certainly deserves this.

The session started very quietly. Mistress Darcy is not one of those dommes who feel the need to shout and yell and cuss to set the scene or gain respect. A single look from her, a quiet word, and you are down to your knees in an incident, melting like hot butter. As I went down on my knees, I realised I could have stayed there forever. Or at least until my knees got fractured.

I will not do a play-by-play of what she did to me, because that is not really important. What is important is her attitude, her complete mastery over this. She kept speaking quietly to me, as I knelt a her feet, as I kissed her feet, gently and affectionately praising me. Unlike so many dommes, whose sessions are a checklist of random generic stuff that BDSM usually entails, Mistress Darcy knows what she is doing. That is not to say she is not good at those generic stuff; as all the other testimonials on the site show, she is amazing at it. What makes my Mistress the best at it is the way she personalises it, the way she realises what you want and intuitively guesses what would be best for you. Her astuteness, her intelligence, her perceptiveness, they are unholy.

For example, she had realised through multiple conversations and off-hand remarks by me that I have issues with self-esteem. She did not ignore it. She did not keep calling me worthless, sub-human, a pathetic worm. That does not mean that she did not humiliate me, no. She did, and it was delicious. She looked at my naked body, and simply said “I cannot wait until I get you into shape, slave.” That is an example of an absolute master at work. She will probably tease and gently mock me for this, but she is an absolute Jedi with her mind tricks. It is really incredible.

Another thing that will be etched in my mind forever is her making me prostrate before her. Weeks before, I had told her that in my culture, prostrating before someone was the ultimate, asbolute form of devotion and worship. This is not “I respect my parents” worship. This is “You are the Almighty and I prostrate before you” worship. And she made me do it, because she told me I had earned it. That made this experience far more than just kink fulfillment. This was a downright spiritual experience. It was a pilgrimage. This shows the kind of care and thought she puts into everyone she dommes, and that is something you just cannot teach.

My Mistress has made me realise what a true BDSM relationship is. Too often, people misunderstand it. For some, BDSM and femdom is just a method in which a woman is used as a tool for them to wank off to their heart’s content. For many mistresses, on the other hand, it is a way to exercise contempt for eager submissives and make them feel horrible about themselves, to boost their own ego or self-esteem. Mistress Darcy does not do that. Mistress Darcy knows and has taught me that a femdom relationship is a consensual, mutually beneficial and pleasurable relationship, and even though there is an exchange of power, it is based on consent, and a lot of trust, love and respect for each other. And my Mistress certainly practises what she preaches.

Trust me, Mistress Darcy is perfection. Sessions with her are perfection. Not only will you get what you wished for, you will experience amazing feelings you never knew you could experience; feelings you did not even know existed. So drop everything and book a session with her right now.

(Posted by Minion on September 12, 2016)