Incredible, timely, or untimely...

With a hectic schedule, that makes setting times difficult for myself, Mistress Darcy agreeed to allow me to serve Her while in Boston, aka The City of Champions!
My instructions were to arrive in the city for a 9pm session, bear in mind my 90 minute commute.
Feverishly left my place just before 7pm, freshly showered and groomed.
On the ride up my radio was tuned to Pearl Jam to set the tempo.
I arrived in the parking garage at 8:45 or so and sent a text as to my arrival.
My simple mind is one of timeliness, never early, never late. It helps set the tone of submission, knowing that it is a small challenge, but one that is imperative.
Earlier in the day, Mistress and myself had discussed session types, lengths and various tribute.
Mysterious and Powerfully the above was left unanswered which toyed in my mind.
Would it be one on one, would there be a Bull, would I be a duck, one would the bi activities come to surface.
Unscripted and mysterious prevailed!
This particular hotel had a garage with direct access to the lobby, so guests did not have to run the gauntlet of downtown Boston.
I was instructed to wait in the lobby until Mistress Darcy came down to take delivery of Her slave due to the restricted access of the elevator.
There was a major catch to this, there were two lobbies, one being the garage lobby, the other being the main lobby.
This idiot has a tendency to mess up simple instructions, as a few minutes pass, the activity in the garage lobby is fairly quiet as I people watch and sit on the couch. The host behind the desk answers visitors questions, people come and go.
That is when I realize it is 8:59pm.
The sign above the elevator reads “Elevator to Main Lobby”, thinking there You go idiot, couldn’t follow a simple instruction, I get up and head to the elevator, as the elevator door opens, two others join me.
As the doors close, I shut my phone off to assure it will not be a distraction during session.
There is a Younger Woman, and Younger man in the elevator with me.
In my mind I am thinking if these people had any idea what was my destination was!
The one floor ride seemed like an eternity!
The door opens, huge ceilings, fancy decor, and Mistress Darcy is staring at me wearing a beautiful short black dress, stockings, heels and a colorful red coat!
Her perfect skin, black hair and eyes that burn thru ones soul.
The stare was so intimidating, I knew I messed up, subtly She points to get away from Her, Her perfect index finger points, I follow…….
The other man that was in the elevator, who I had no idea who He was sits right down next to Mistress Darcy on the couch! From afar I see the twinkle in Her eyes…..

(Posted by Trainablepet pet on November 14, 2016)