Most exhilarating experience of my life

I have been lucky enough to see Mistress Darcy several times in the U.K., and each has been unreal. The first time, she was great in terms of emails/contact, getting goosebumps simply from her phrasing as a domme. We met in a domestic setting, as I love role-play, as a key element of any fetish session. I was to be her English tutor, she a brat princess from a rich couple. She had me wrapped around her finger in minutes, on my knees and giving me a ‘shower’ as I clearly needed it. From there, she toyed with my Giantess fantasy, humiliating me into shrinking, and my facesitting and foot fetishes. It ended amazingly, her taking me with her as she goes out dancing, her tiny humiliated tutor plastered to her perfect ass. It was unreal and it felt like it was my whole world, as she literally surrounded me with her aura. I can’t wait to see her again, unbelievable woman.

(Posted by Lawrence on January 11, 2017)