Seasoned sub who loves intense sessions and seeks new boundaries

Dear Mistress Darcy:

Like so much else from me – except for what matters 🙂 – I am sure this is WAY too long, but I wanted to send you what I had promised I would, while everything is so fresh. It’s yours to do with whatever you want, even edit if you wanted to or toss it.

It’s a way to say, “Thanks”, since I don’t have much else to give – and a way to say, “Please”, I hope we can do another session soon.

Your To Be Named Slave

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An Unexpected Experience with My Administrative Assistant

Every once in awhile you have an experience that is greater than imagined, that you can’t stop thinking about once it is over, and that you can’t wait to tell others about and can’t – all that is at the root of this review.

Though I have been a sub to many over the years, rarely more than once and usually only once a year or two, I found myself so nervous when I was told I had to be interviewed by Mistress Darcy before being allowed to serve her. The cafe conversation so lacked any of the banter that has so often been a part of my experience. Rather it was pointed, not cold or rude, just driven. My answers were too long and rambling for her liking. Mistress Darcy knew what she wanted to know and wasn’t going to let me get in the way. Soon, thank goodness, Mistress Darcy was describing the scene that would unfold at her place in 20 minutes. I must have passed, I thought. I did know I was hooked.

Following instructions, I found her place, buzzed the intercom, was let in and went to the suite. She was my Executive Assistant, whom I surprised with a visit on a day when she was working from home, and in whom I had had interest for awhile and who I thought had interest in me. Dressed in white blouse and black skirt – like the photo on the website – she was not pleased to see me, told me she felt I was invading her space, was trying to figure WHY I was there – but invited me in. Over tea, I explained I knew it was her birthday and that I had brought her a gift which was in her birthday card – and hoped that it might let us get closer. She told me to get the card and when she opened it and saw the tribute, said essentially, “WTF?” She asked why and when I explained i thought it might encourage us getting more intimate, she slapped me, went to the counter, picked up her phone – and played back our conversation, which sure sounded like a proposition and solicitation.

I had two options, I was told. Send an email to HR saying her salary was increased immediately to $250K or she would email and send the voice recording and the text translation to the office staff. With only one real option, she was now the boss, making more than me. Then she told me I would be punished and humiliated and would never come on to someone uninvited again.

Told to strip, I was told to lay under the portable toilet that all of a sudden was there. With my arms and legs bound, cock put in a cage, open mouth gag in place, face under the toilet seat, Mistress Darcy was a perfect shot with drips and streams of clear nectar that I had to swallow, gulp after gulp – for a length of time that I thought would never end. (God, were her lips ever beautiful) “You wanted to get intimate? Can’t be more than this, can it?” she asked and laughed. Finally, phase 1 was finished and I was told to shower and clean up. “Who’s the boss?” she smirked.

Then, when I came back out, my legs were spread, hands bound against a table, and new ball gag inserted -intense whipping, slapping, followed with the loudest bull whip sound I ever heard, with intermittent nipple torture from her hands. My marks needed to be limited – she so respected all my limits – but I really wished I could have down played that and had more marks that hurt when I sat down – gifts and memories from her at home. But the burning, aching, and red marks that she applied reminded me that I was being punished by a true domme whom I had crossed.

Then that metal table/gourney that I was leaned against, became almost like a cross to lay on as I climbed on and was face down strapped down in front of open windows with people walking around outside as i looked out the window. (Intense) Canes and paddles came out and applied with precision and strength, with my back and butt becoming on fire and the soles of my feet becoming so tender and bruised that two days later at home I loved looking at the black and blues on my them. Drool just flowed around the gag as the unrelenting beating continued.

Down from the table and I was told to sit in a chair which quickly became a place for legs and arms to again be bound. Now the gag was a cock gag that I was told to continually suck. Nipple clips were applied and pulled at. A blindfold came out and then, while all the hair in my groin was made fun of (I have already trimmed it back after getting home) my cock became an instrument of torture. Two or three increasing in diameter sounds made their way in – after each was in, I was allowed to peek from behind the blindfold. OMG I couldn’t believe what was in there.

Once they were removed, the simple words, “You are fucked.” More laying down and then the blind fold came off – looking down, I saw the most intricate electro I have ever seen and then so much pain administered so perfectly, with my eyes only wanting to look straight ahead into the two of the most beautiful eyes I have ever looked into, as I screamed and thrashed. Soon electrodes were put on my nipples and what followed between the pain in my cock and balls and in my nipples was the BEST electro session I have ever had – all as I looked into Mistress Darcy’s face which had a quiet smile and beaming eyes looking back – and while I sucked on the cock gag.

It was now time for Mistress Darcy to take a cigarette break and for my mouth to be the ash tray sitting next to her and with my hands massaging her legs – but once going “too high” up, which brought the warning, “Do that again and the plastic strips that are wrapped tight around your tiny cock, are going home with you on your cock.”

Once the cigarette break was done, it was time for my final humiliation of the day, I was told. Mistress Darcy reappeared wearing the biggest, black, most life life dildo, I have ever seen. Sitting on the floor, in front of her while she sat on the couch, with her leaning back and forth into my mouth, I was taught how to “suck cock” by the boss. “Let me lead and I’ll fuck your mouth like I want to.” (I think she was very much enjoying that.) And fuck it she did ….

Until it was time to wrap up my punishment. Into the tub, I went, the plastic strips on my cock were cut off and I was told to jerk off, as more golden nectar gushed on it. As that special moment neared, her latex covered hand – God even her hands are beautiful – caught all of it and then smeared that huge dildo that was still attached to her – and which then ended up in my mouth so I would know “what it was to suck cum off/out of a dick.”

All the above, tells you what happened – and it was spectacular, magnificent. But it doesn’t begin to capture what was so different and so unique about Mistress Darcy. The three hours flew and there was so little conversation compared to other experiences – but it was the best! Mistress Darcy dominated and controlled with a “less is more” style. It made me feel that all my previous experiences were “role acting” while being with Mistress Darcy I was a slave that was being used by a Mistress however she wanted. She wasn’t fulfilling my fantasy – I was there for her. (So hard to explain – wish I could.)

Every so often, Mistress Darcy would share insights about the D/S experience and give life-advice. (Will probably always remember her words about how pornography destroys relationships and even changes brain chemistry.)

It was a once-in-a-life time experience …. that I can’t wait to do again and experience more of Mistress Darcy’s intensity, abuse, and most importantly, what she most likes to do to and with her slaves – as they are stretched in so many ways.

If you are reading this and have not had time with Mistress Darcy, hope it encourages you “to do it.” If you have spent time with her before, hope it resonates, even though I am only a first-timer with Mistress Darcy. And most importantly, Mistress Darcy, I hope this recap pleases you. Because that’s what I want to do.

Your To Be Named Slave

(Posted by arby on January 23, 2017)