For couples, Mistress Darcy creates erotic, relationship-affirming magic.

My boyfriend had been a devotee of Mistress Darcy before I met him, and then he and I began seeing her together. All three sessions were magical experiences that I will always treasure in my memory.

Mistress Darcy is stunningly beautiful and oozes sexuality (and dominance) from her every pore. But female clients (with their boyfriends or without) need not feel threatened. Mistress Darcy will use her beauty and power brilliantly to affirm you and your relationship (even if she may at the appropriate time, and if it works for you, call you a “snot-nosed little bitch”). You will walk out of session, as I did, feeling more connected to your partner than ever before and feeling as if you are oozing sex and power yourself. Mistress Darcy is not only at the top of her game but exceedingly generous, especially to other women.

My boyfriend and I have had three sessions so far. The first was essentially an introduction for me as to what it’s like to be directed and dominated sexually, not only in sexual interactions with my boyfriend but with Mistress Darcy’s bulls as well. (I mentioned that she is generous. 🙂 ) The second session focused on me and my many transgressions, but was an absolutely hot show for my boyfriend to watch as well. Our most recent session focused more on my boyfriend and his kinks, and was a chance for me to experience WITH my boyfriend things that I think many women unfortunately choose not to want to know about their partners. But I assure you that doing so in a supportive environment created by an experienced and brilliant practitioner like Mistress Darcy will only bring you closer together.

Overall, I was impressed not only with Mistress Darcy’s sensuality and ability to craft highly erotic physical experiences but with her intellectual and emotional intelligence. She listens carefully to what you tell her before and after session and will craft something that works for and stimulates you and your partner on every level.

(Posted by Eve on March 1, 2017)