My First Ever Corporal Punishment Session - Best Experience Ever!

I have been honoured and priviliged to be allowed to serve Mistress Darcy for the past 10-12 months as part of her collective of slaves called Team Darcy. During this time, I have learnt many things about myself under her expert guidance. It is a position that I am deeply humbled to be allowed to have, but also one that gives me a great pleasure, knowing that I am helping this truly wonderful, dominant Lady.

Now to put a bit of context to this review, I have to admit, that despite being interested in BDSM and the whole D’s relationship side of things for over 20 years, I am only now taking my real formative steps into the world, under the expert guidance provided by Mistress Darcy. In that sense, depsite having had sessions over the years with other Professional Mistresses, I would still call myself a complete novice, especially when it comes to undertanding things like protocol, limits etc.

During Mistress Darcy’s recent trip to England, I had the honour of serving her directly, running errands etc. but it cumulated and finished with a session with her, one that I will never forget, and also one that I am deeply honoured to have had. This is especially true, as Mistress Darcy is a very busy Lady, but also selective about who she does have sessions with.

There is, for me, no greater feeling than kneeling before her beauty and giving yourself over to her. As anyone who has ever met her will testify, she has an aura of dominance about her that is so natural, yet also makes you melt and want to just please her in any way you can.

I had no idea what Mistress Darcy had in store for me, when I turned up to see her, only knowing that she was being kind enough to give me a Birthday Present. I have to admit that what I received could possibly be the best and most thoughtful Birthday present I have ever had the privilege of receiving.

In all my previous sessions with other Mistresses in the past, we had always focused on the same sort of things, with little or no pain inflicted, mainly because I have never really liked the idea of pain or wanting to receive too much pain.

I trust Mistress Darcy’s judgement implicity because of the relationship we have built up over my time serving her. She still has the ability to make me melt, and get me tongue tied, my vocabulary seems to just disappear at times when I am kneeling before her, and she is chastising me for staring when I shouldn’t be. All done in a tone of voice that isn’t raised, but also one that lets you know that she is in charge.

Mistress Darcy has a way of getting into your mind, without you even realising it, and so when I said I had no idea what my pain tolerance was like, she suggested we find out. Over the next period of time, she worked on my backside using her hands, slapping, punching, pinching and pulling, by which stage, she checked I was alraight. To be fair, I was loving every minute of it, and I also surprised that it felt very good, which is something I told Mistress Darcy.

From this point she moved onto a number of floggers and paddles, slowly building up the intensity. I was relaxed, felt comfortable, even if i could not move due to being restrained to the bench, but by the end of this period, my ass checks must have been turning a very nice red colour. I was surprising myself at how i didn’t really feel no pain, even though I knew Mistress Darcy was giving my ass a good going over with her implements of torture. She even declared that I may be a bit of a Masochist, something I would never before that moment have said I was. To me, I have always had a fear of pain, and tried to avoid it best I can.

I was so relaxed, that when Mistess Darcy appeared before me again holding 3 canes in her hand and informed me that what had gone already had only been the warm up, it did draw a take of breath. I have never been caned by anybody other than when I was at school (yes I am old enough to remember that), and my memories are that it hurts a lot.

Now all 3 canes have a totally different feel when you are hit with them, and yes they hurt a little, but I was enjoying been hit by Mistress Darcy that I barely registered that i was actually been caned, something I thought would take me a very long time to build up to as I can be a bit of a baby with pain. However, because Mistress Darcy had slowly built me up to this level, i had a high flow of endorphins in my mind, and at that point in time, I think I could have accepted most of the amount of pain that I didnt think was possible for me to do..

I am exteremely grateful to Mistress Darcy for introducing me to the whole world of Corporal Punishment, the feeling you get is at times undescribable, but it is truly one of excitement, and also a feeling i would glady experience again. I have the marks on my ass to prove it happened, as well as the memories of the whole special occassion. The brusies are now starting to show, and so I am sure I will have the reminder for a while to come yet.

The one thing I would like to point out, is how well Mistress Darcy gets to know her slaves. She already knew before this session took place, that I would love it, she understands how I feel without me even realsing it. The proof of this is in a blog post she wrote last year.

In this post, she wrote ‘Tom, however, welcomes domestic violence from me, against him. In fact, the more I beat him, the happier he is’.
After our session, I couldn’t agree with this statement more. It is clear even then that she is getting inside my mind, and I for one cannot wait to continue on this journey of discovery and learn more about myself under her expert guidance and tutelage, whilst continuing in helping her out in whatever way I can.

I can only advise that you should book a session with Mistress Darcy, I am sure you will never regret it!

(Posted by tom on May 12, 2017)