Toilet humiliation at its very best

This being my first session with Mistress Darcy, I did not even have to THINK or TRY before surrendering my ego at Mistress Darcy’s feet within 1 minute of my Skype session. The experience, skill, confidence, power, and control that Mistress Darcy has shows in her eyes, in her wicked smile, in her voice. She laughed at my misery, the laughter that would continue to haunt me in my dreams and keep me as her devout slave for life now.

She has this unimaginable power of controlling your mind, almost hypnotizing you even on webcam. She absolutely took me apart by making me literally piss myself involuntarily…I wish I could go into more details! At the same time, what makes Mistress Darcy unique is her knowledge of balancing and building a rapport with her slaves, but let me tell you – there is only one person in control of the situation (and that is of course her).

I so so so look forward to my first in-person full urinal training session with her soon. If you are looking for domination of any kind (especially toilet slavery), look no further…

(Posted by Rahul on May 23, 2017)