While I am visiting fair Philadelphia in a few weeks I am issuing a challenge to anyone who feels “sub” enough to take it on. I will be bringing a lovely selection of chastity belts: the plastic Birdlock, the Cock Crimper, the CB3000, the CB6000, and one solid metal unit. That’s FIVE opportunities for FIVE different men. The criteria is: I lock you in one by one on Saturday in a nice, quiet public restroom, take a tribute from you, and then unlock you on Monday morning at my hotel when I am getting ready to head back to New York. You have no idea where to find me, no outlet for your frustration and excitement, and no other choice but to where the belt for a full 48 hours.

As if this 48-hour test weren’t enough, whoever is the *most* submissive over the course of the weekend (use your imagination as to what would both prove your devotion and bring me pleasure) will get a free 30 minute session in conjunction with their unlocking on Monday. I’m interested in turning you from a rational, confident, sex-driven MAN into a weak, sensitive, adoring and helpless BITCH. I find the transformation amusing.

Applicants must email me ASAP to be considered and please say where you saw the contest posted. I will need a deposit of $50 via Amazon gift cards to get you on the roster. The total tribute for the chastity challenge is $300 ($250 with the deposit) payable in cash when you meet me on Saturday.


NB: The gorgeous belt pictured above is, unfortunately for me/fortunately for you, NOT the unit I am bringing. Maybe next year!