I have met some of the most tranquil, kind-hearted, well-mannered, sweet and passionate subs in England. And some of the most drop-dead stunning Dommes as well, definitely more “kinky” than the average American Domme. It’s my second home, and my favorite city in the world as far as scene goes. It brings me great joy to be able to get back there for two weeks during the Olympics. Anyone who wishes for me to accompany them to an Olympic event needs to get in touch asap, I’m already half booked for the trip. And of course any session requests need to be made sooner than later. This trip is half pleasure anyway, so I won’t have much freetime for sessions.

During my visit I will be sessioning from a domestic space in Camden and will have on hand:

-Electrics (Tens, violet wand)

-Canes, crops, paddles, floggers

-Bondage equipment (ropes, cuffs)

-The usual assortment of gags and blindfolds

-My dick collection

-A lot of latex

In addition I will be attending Torture Garden and Club Subversion (run by my good friend Mistress Absolute) as well as the u35 munch. If you wish to accompany me to any of these events, please go through Fetlife and be sure to create a compelling profile if you don’t have one already. My username is MyDearDarcy.