I’m overdue for a trip to Boston, so to compensate for time lost I’m making a few special arrangements. Email me asap to get on the calendar: darcy@mistressdarcy.com. If you are unfamiliar with my website, have a look around! You need to familiarize yourself with who I am and what I do if you haven’t seen me before.

My visit will extend over a luxurious three days in order to accommodate all the hungry little boys who have been in touch over the summer. I will be hosting all my slaves in a 500 sq foot hotel suite in Back Bay: enough room to set up some extravagant bondage scenes and, if all goes to plan, a very filthy forced bi party. In my luggage I will have a few of my recent spoils from London: new bespoke latex outfits, new latex and leather hoods, a gorgeous gag collection, recent electric additions, new canes/floggers and vintage stockings and evening wear I purchased during my travels last month.

In addition I have two attractive and horny studs on call for forced bi sessions and two OTHER attractive and horny Bulls available for cuckolding. I don’t ever combine the two sessions with one man, but my suite is big enough to fit all four gentlemen if need be! Extra towels please!

Finally, I’m bringing a load of to go cups and plastic sacs for golden showers and caviar on-theun. I know with fall just around the corner some of you will be wanting a nice warm drink or hot meal to nurse on your drive to work, etc. For anyone unfamiliar, my golden champagne is as refreshing as any cup of coffee, and probably more nutritious as well. You’ll probably need a venti cup, I’m famous for my quantity. And my “doggie bags” are the perfect compliment for anyone with enough appetite to consume it all.

My available session times right now are Friday afternoon and evening, and all of Saturday day and evening. See you soon, bitches!