I will be celebrating my birthday in Florida this year from November 28-December 3 and will be taking limited sessions on the trip: advanced noticed is definitely required. My availability and dates are:

November 28-30: Orlando (Disney World area)
December 1-3: Miami (South Beach)

December 3 is the best day for sessions, but I am flexible with enough notice. Please note I will be traveling with 3 ProDomme friends if you’re interested in any doubles or triples (Leona Stern and Goddess Cleo from London, and another very in-demand lifestyle Domme friend from New York), as well as my 8-inch English Bull and another male Dom friend of mine. I am free for cuckolding sessions–as long as the Bull hasn’t worn me out too much the night before–and obviously bukkake and forced bi are on the menu with two handsome men in tow. I’ll be doing sessions from my South Beach hotel suite, meaning lots of hand tools, humiliation, and corporal punishment. And anyone who wants a public humiliation session is welcome to try their luck at my actual birthday party. You may not survive till we cut the cake though; 4 Dommes, 2 male Doms and an open bar is a recipe for slave destruction.