Humiliation sluts and sissy-cuck fetch boys: I’ve picked up a few new English Bulls since my last trip and am eager to try them out. Most of them are fairly uninterested in my slaves: they want me as fast and furious as possible, whether you’re in the room or not. But take heed, one of them in particular is very cruel. The last time I brought him into session he spit on my slave and kicked his backside quite hard because the slave was getting in the way of my Bull taking his pants off. And when you have a hard, 8-inch cock, you need a wide berth when you decide to disrobe.

Email me at for details and availability. I’ll be based in a fully equipped space in Chiswick for most of the trip, but have access to other dungeons around town as well. Anyone interested in a smattering of my cuckolding fantasies can read them here:

So buy yourself a new chastity cage and let’s make a date. It’s about time we had a nice, romantic night together…you’ll just forgive me if I bring along someone else more attractive than you.