I feel a little bad about coming over to London so much. And even worse, lately I am turning down at least half the slaves who contact me for sessions when I get there. I mean, we all need our leisure time, but one week nearly every month where my only priority is partying on the English fetish scene? It’s almost disgusting. Anyone looking at my transatlantic commute has a right to be furious.

All of this is to say, it is crucial that you get on my calendar BEFORE I arrive! Otherwise you’re liable to get a very jovial, distracted Darcy on the phone who will simply brush you off like glitter on her evening gown.

November 24-26 Dublin
I’ve booked a luxury suite at a hotel in Temple Bar. I will be packing restraints, electrics, CP implements, various sized feminizers, diapers, hoods, gags, and a nice selection of leather, lingerie and latex. My best availability right now is the late afternoon and early evening of the 24th, mid-afternoon on the 25th, and late morning on the 26th. So far I am booked in with one sexy female, one young experimental couple, and three eager regulars. I’m hoping to pick up a few first-timers while I’m there as well. Don’t be shy! NB: Seeking new personal slaves and chauffeurs in Dublin. Send enquiry email with references to apply.

November 26-December 4
If I weren’t me, I would hate me. I  am completely spoiling myself for my birthday! I’ll be sessioning in a spacious, two bedroom flat in the middle of Camden Market. All my Dublin equipment will come with me plus sounds, sissie outfits, and a brand new leather sleep sack. I have also commissioned an incredible new latex outfit from Slaughterhouse Couture and will be unveiling it at a private event, or perhaps in session with you. In addition I have a new English Bull on hand who will be fucking me throughout the week. Any interested cucks or cocksuckers should reach out asap. My best availability is the evening of November 28, late morning and early afternoon November 29, and December 2 and 3. I have one overnight planned already and a few extended sessions. Special preference given to humiliation sluts, cuckold losers, spankees and AB/DL lovers, and anyone who just needs a good, hard beating.

As always, I encourage any Irish or English slaves to challenge me to break my golden shower record. That is (ahem) a terrifying 2:59. Anyone brave enough to try please email with the subject heading “GS CHALLENGER.”